Anna-Karin Stockenstrand

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

I am a teacher and researcher in business administration, especially accounting and finance.

Area of interest

My research is about the effect of regulation. Currently I am conducting reserach on pensions and I try to answer questions such as why the system looks the way it does today, who the system is for and what kind of effects new regulation has in the long run. Important concepts for me is glocalisation, responsive regulation, standardisation and institutional logics.


Sustainable pensions (2019-2022)

Sustainability is a broad concept that can include many different aspects, such as social, financial and environmental. This project focusses on sustainable pensions by asking how all these aspects can be achieved in the area of pensions. There are four sub-questions in the project. First it takes an interest in how insurance contracts should be accounted for in order to achieve transparency. The second is how funds should be managed. The third is what sustainable regulation is in the area of pensions. The fourth is what work structures are beneficial in order for people to work longer and be healthier in the future.

Teaching and tutoring

I teach accounting and auditing theory and financial regulation.

Research projects


Accounting and auditing transformation


Articles in journals

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Articles, book reviews

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Chapters in books

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Collections (editor)

Stockenstrand, A. (ed.) , Söderström, R. (ed.) & Öhman, P. (ed.) (2019). Finansiell reglering och tillsyn. Studentlitteratur AB

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Conference papers

Håkansson Lindqvist, M. & Stockenstrand, A. (2022). Important steps in creating conditions for networked learning in work-integrated learning using the lens of liminality. Paper presented at the The Thirteenth International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022), Sundsvall, Sweden, May 16-18, 2022.

Stockenstrand, A. (2022). Sense and Sensibility : Counteracting Standardization and Homogenization Through Balancing Feelings and Rationality from a Teacher Perspective. Paper presented at the Gender, Work & Organization Conference, Bogotá, Colombia, June 22-24, 2022.

Stockenstrand, A. & Scapens, R. (2017). Logics and liminality - understanding post crisis reporting requirements in a well-functioning bank. Paper presented at the Researching Management Accounting and Control: Reflections on its impact and implications for the future 8-9 June 2017, Groningen, The Netherlands

Stockenstrand, A. & Nilsson, F. (2013). The Middle Manager as Boundary Spanner in Linking Financial and Organisational Logics Over Time. Paper presented at the Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS)

Stockenstrand, A. (2012). The Horizons of Accountability. Paper presented at the 8th Conference on New Directions in Management Accounting, 12-14 December 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Doctoral theses

Brettell Grip, A. (2009). Funding and Accountability – Studies of a Swedish and a British Chamber Orchestra. Dis. EFI The Economic Research Institute, 2009


Stockenstrand, A. & Scapens, R. (2017). Downloading, uploading or glocalising? Understanding the Basel III standardisation of loan renegotiation practices in Sweden.


Stockenstrand, A. (2019). Redovisningens roll i den finansiella regleringen. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet (Rapport / CER - Centrum för forskning om ekonomiska relationer 6).  

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