Irina Shaw

Universitets-/Högskolelektor |Lecturer


Articles in journals

Allan, R. , Shaw, I. & Shaw, M. (2023). Building a Corpus of Written Tasks of Swedish National Tests in English : Motivation, Method and Research Applications. Nordic Journal of English Studies, vol. 22: 2, pp. 128-154.  

Chapters in books

Tyrkkö, J. & Frisk, I. (2020). Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted, and Failing New York Times: Nicknames in Donald Trump's Tweets. In Linguistic Inquiries into Donald Trump's Language : From 'Fake News' to 'Tremendous Success'. London : Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 109-130.

Doctoral theses

Frisk, I. (2016). A Linguistic Analysis of Peer-review Critique in Four Modes of Computer-mediated Communication. Dis. Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2016 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 236)  

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