Staffan Nyström

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Articles in journals

Gradin, P. , Berg, J. & Nyström, S. (2016). Measuring Tangential Forces in a Pulp Refiner : A Novel Approach. Experimental techniques (Westport, Conn.), vol. 40: 2, pp. 789-793.  

Svensson, B. A. , Nyström, S. K. , Gradin, P. A. & Höglund, H. (2009). Frictional testing of wood : Initial studies with a new device. Tribology International, vol. 42: 1, pp. 190-196.  

Norgren, S. , Gradin, P. A. , Nyström, S. & Gullikson, M. (2008). Investigation of the z-direction strength properties of paper by use of acoustic emission monitoring. Journal of Acoustic Emission, vol. 26, pp. 23-31.

Gradin, P. A. , Johansson, O. , Berg, J. & Nyström, S. (1999). Measurement of the Power Distribution in a Single Disc Refiner. Journal of Pulp and Paper Science, vol. 25: 11, pp. 384-387.

Conference papers

Norgren, S. , Gradin, P. , Nyström, S. & Gulliksson, M. (2008). Investigation of the Z-direction strength properties of paper by use of acoustic emission monitoring. In 28th European conferance on acoustic emission testing.. pp. 238--243.

Gradin, P. A. , Isaksson, P. , Nyström, S. K. , Graham, D. , Kao, D. & Knight, B. (2004). Acoustic Emission applied to mechanically loaded Paper. In EWGAE (European Working Group on Acoustic Emission) 2004 proceedings.. pp. 423--431.

Svensson, B. , Nyström, S. K. , Gradin, P. , Bergfors, E. & Höglund, H. (2003). Tribology under refining conditions : initial studies sevo motor. In 2003 International Mechanical Pulping Conference.. pp. 233--237.