Torbjörn Westerlund

Forskningsrådgivare|Research Advisor

  • Professional title: Research Advisor
  • Academic title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Department: Division of research and educational support (FUS)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1427895
  • Email:
  • Visitor address: Akademigatan 3, 831 25 Östersund
  • Room number: U224e
  • Location: Östersund

Research advisor at the division of Research and Educational support

Employed as a research advisor (and focusing on the humanities) at the division of Research and Educational support, Mittuniversitetet (Mid-Sweden University).


Ph.D. in linguistics (Uppsala University, 2013; during my time as a Ph.D.-student I was also an exchange student at the University of Western Australia, Perth, for one semester). (Master of Arts with a major in linguistics (from Uppsala University); Bachelor of Arts with a major in literature (Stockholm University).) Employed at Uppsala University 2007-2016 (as a teaching assistant, Ph.D.-student, and lecturer in linguistics (deputy); in that order). More recently, I have been employed by Svenska Akademien (The Swedish Academy) in the project Intensivsvenska (Intensive Swedish), and I have also been a guest researcher at Stockholm University.

Area of interest

Grammar (morphology and syntax), semantics, phonology.

Teaching and tutoring

During a 10-year-period, I have taught on courses in linguistics at Uppsala University (courses both on the introductory and the advanced level). I have also supervised honours students in their thesis writing.

Other information

Publications (selection): 2019. Switch-reference and Insubordination in Ngarla (Ngayarta, Pama-Nyungan). Australian Journal of Linguistics 39(2): 174-201. 2017. Verb Classification in Ngarla (Ngayarta, Pama-Nyungan). Australian Journal of Linguistics 37(3): 328-355. 2015a. A grammatical sketch of Ngarla (Ngayarta, Pama-Nyungan). (A-PL 016.) Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics. (186 pages.) 2015b. Blurred lines – when Ngarla nouns ”verb”. In: A. Malicka-Kleparska, M. Bloch-Trojnar & K. Drabikowska, eds., Concepts and Structures - Studies in Semantics and Morphology Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL. Sid. 215-230. 2013. Finite verbs in Ngarla (Pama-Nyungan, Ngayarta). Ph.D. Thesis. Uppsala university. (242 pages; ISBN 978-91-506-2335-2). 2011. Main clause TAM-marking in Ngarla (Pama-Nyungan), in comparison with two neighbouring languages. In: J. Svantesson, N. Burenhult, A. Holmer, A. Karlsson & H. Lundström, eds., Language Documentation and Description (LDD), 10:228-246. (ISBN 1740-6234.) 2009. The basic case marking of Ngarla, a language of Western Australia. In: Multilingualism, Proceedings of the 23rd Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics. Anju Saxena & Åke Viberg, editors. (Studia Linguistica Upsaliensia 8) Uppsala: Uppsala universitet. Pp. 115-126. (Avaliable online at: 2008. Hammarström, Harald, Christina Thornell, Malin Petzell & Torbjörn Westerlund. Bootstrapping Language Description: The case of Mpiemo (Bantu A, Central African Republic). Published online at: lrec2008/pdf/848_paper.pdf 2007. Westerlund, Torbjörn. A grammatical sketch of Ngarla: A language of Western Australia. South Hedland: Wangka Maya.

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