Ylva Rönngren

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Articles in journals

Rönngren, Y. , Björk, A. , Kristiansen, L. , Haage, D. , Enmarker, I. & Audulv, Å. (2018). Meeting the needs? Perceived support of a nurse-led lifestyle programme for young adults with mental illness in a primary health-care setting. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, vol. 27: 1, pp. 390-399.  

Rönngren, Y. , Björk, A. , Audulv, Å. , Enmarker, I. , Kristiansen, L. & Haage, D. (2017). Educational nurse-led lifestyle intervention for persons with mental illness.. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing,  

Rönngren, Y. , Björk, A. , Haage, D. , Audulv, Å. & Kristiansen, L. (2017). Perspectives of a tailored lifestyle program for people with severe mental illness receiving housing support. Perspectives in psychiatric care,  

Björk, A. , Rönngren, Y. , Selander, J. , Vinberg, S. & Hellzen, O. (2017). Perspectives on Everyday Suffering among People with Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Concurrent Mental Disorders. Open Journal of Nursing, vol. 7, pp. 583-598.    

Rönngren, Y. , Björk, A. , Haage, D. & Kristiansen, L. (2014). LIFEHOPE.EU – Lifestyle & Healthy Outcome in Physical Education : Development of a lifestyle intervention program for people with severe mental illness: Physical activity, dietary changes, and cognitive adaptation training. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, vol. 21: 10, pp. 924-930.  

Lundahl, M. , Olovsson, K. J. , Rönngren, Y. & Norbergh, K. (2014). Nurse's perspectives on care provided for patients with gamma-hydroxybutyric acid and gamma-butyrolactone abuse. Journal of Clinical Nursing, vol. 23: 17-18, pp. 2589-2598.  

Kristiansen, L. , Björk, A. , Kock, V. B. , Nilsson, A. , Rönngren, Y. , Smedberg, A. & Trillo, Å. (2011). Urinary incontinence and newly invented pad technique: patients', close relatives' and nursing staff's experiences and beliefs. International Journal of Urological Nursing, vol. 5: 1, pp. 21-30.