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Development of student health

The ongoing pandemic affect the mental health among students – social isolation and difficulties to plan the studies creates stress and insomnia. A plan has been presented to expand the department of student health activities.


Access to apps in O365, including Teams, to be restricted

A whitelist for apps approved for Office 365 will be set up. Microsoft’s own apps are approved. However, an approval process will be introduced for third-party apps as well as for custom apps. Therefore, no new third-party apps can be added as of 3 May.


The employee survey is complete

The analysis of the employee survey is now complete, and the result is similar to the one carried out two years ago. A positive thing is that the response rate has increased significantly - by ten percent.


Major investment in technology supported learning

Mid Sweden University’s initiative is now launching to further develop our programmes and teachers’ expertise in technology supported and lifelong learning. The project Head (Higher Education and Digitalisation) is a five-year investment in educational development.