Those who wish to work in Sweden must have a work permit. The permit must be approved and entered into your passport before travelling to Sweden.

If a person will be working for longer than three months, a residence permit is also needed if the individual comes from a country outside the EU.

Citizens of many countries must also have a visa in order to travel into and spend time in Sweden for a shorter time than three months (90 days).

What should employers do?

  • An offer of employment should be completed by the employer. This can be done in two ways; either by logging in to the Swedish Migration Board's website and creating an offer of employment there, or by using a special offer of employment form.
  • When the offer of employment is ready, it should be sent for a statement from the union relevant to the position that the employee will be filling. This can be done either via the Swedish Migration Board's e-service or by sending it to the relevant trade union directly. The union should then reply with their statement to us, the employers.
  • When the union has replied with their statement, it should be scanned and forwarded to the Swedish Migration Board. This is most simply done by logging in and creating an offer of employment.
  • When we have completed our part of the application as employers, the employee will receive an email containing instructions on how to fill out their part of the application.
  • The Swedish Migration Board considers the case.
  • The Swedish Migration Board sends a message to us when a decision has been made.
  • The Swedish Tax Agency must be informed that we are employing someone from a country outside of the EU. This is done by completing the SKV1160 form available on their website.
  • All documents that prove that the employee is entitled to stay and work in Sweden should be kept for the duration of the employment and for 12 months after it has ended.

The employee can apply for a work permit by submitting their application to a Swedish embassy or consulate in their country of origin or the country in which they are currently residing permanently.
It is also possible to apply via the Swedish Migration Board's website.

Permit extension

An employee who needs to extend their permit can do so on the Swedish Migration Board's website. The application must be submitted no earlier than four months before the current permit expires, but it should be done before the expiration date. 

Work permit – EU/EEA citizens

EU citizens and their families who work, study or have sufficient means to support themselves are automatically granted right of residence, which means they can stay here without a residence permit or work permit. For more information, see the Residence permit heading.

What applies when entering?

When entering Sweden, EU/EEA citizens and their families need to have a valid passport or identification documents that show citizenship. The employee and their family are entitled to start working right away.

Employing someone with a long-term resident status in another EU country­­

Those who have long-term resident status do not need a work permit in order to work in Sweden, but should apply for a residence permit if they intend to stay for longer than three months.

Long-term resident status is a special form of residence permit that can be granted to individuals who have lived and possessed a residence permit in an EU country for at least five years. It provides greater opportunities for moving to another EU country, such as Sweden, for work etc. It is possible to see on a person's residence permit card whether they have long-term resident status.

When employing a person with long-term resident status, we must keep documents that prove that the individual is entitled to live and work in Sweden. The documents should be archived for the duration of the person's employment and for 12 months after it has ended. For more information, see the Swedish Migration Board's website.


For employees who are long-term residents in another EU country, the following is required:
A certificate of employment signed by the employer, showing the period and type of employment. Apart from the employer's name, address and telephone number, a contact person with the employer must be provided. It must also include the company's corporate identification number and a job description, as well as the number of hours per week the work entails. Please use the form provided by the Swedish Migration Board: 'Certificate of employment for citizens of EU/EEA countries and for those who are long-term residents of another Member State', No. 227021


For students, the following is required:
Admission certificate for education at the upper secondary level or above.
An assurance that you have enough money to support yourself.
Proof that you have a comprehensive insurance that applies in Sweden.
You are permitted to work for the duration of your studies.