Mid Sweden University is now conducting a comprehensive evaluation of research and postgraduate education. The process itself should be quality-driven and based on the researchers' participation. The evaluation will be carried out in two stages during 2021 until 2023.

Aktuellt om ARC21

ARC21: successful site visits

Almost a week ago, the expert panels left Mid Sweden University after intensive site visits — and the impression is that the arrangement worked very well.


The expert panels will soon visit us

The site visits begins on Monday, March 27, when the second round of the ARC21 research evaluation enters its next phase. The detailed planning is ongoing.


Adjustments for the next round of ARC21

The Research Council has decided that there will be some adjustments in the timetable and structure for part two of the research evaluation ARC21. For example, digital pre-meetings will be conducted in the expert panels to ensure that site visits are as good as possible.


Next round of ARC

At the same time as the first round of ARC21 is being evaluated, it is time to launch the second part of the evaluation.


ARC21 evaluation of the research environment at FSCN research centre

FSCN's research has been evaluated and we get good reviews from the expert panel for ARC21. They think that FSCN is a globally recognized leader in forest products science and engineering research as evidenced by a large number of high-quality publications in the field.


The page was updated 5/5/2022