The MIUN card is replaced with a key tag

Thu 23 Jun 2022 15:32

During the autumn, it will be time to exchange the Miun card to a key badge to gain access to our premises on campus Sundsvall and Östersund. Everyone who works at the university or who studies on campus receives a key tag instead of cards.

En man i mörkblå klädsel som håller i ett kort, han sitter på en stentrappa, buskar i bakgrunden

The key tag works as access card and print card on campus.

— Now we leave the plastic card and welcome the key tag. This means that we get an improved efficiency and safer and more modern solution," says Per-Erik Östling, Project Manager.

The key tag (Miun tag) will be introduced later this autumn. Later, a complementary digital card ID is launched, a kind of internal campus ID that can be used, for example, when you borrow books at the library.


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