Teacher? New system for welcome letters

Fri 17 Nov 2023 12:20

As of November 3, you will start editing your welcome letters for courses and programs in Episerver. Your previous letters are transferred from the previous system Atlas and can be reused.

For a number of years, the welcome letters have been edited in the Atlas system, which will be shut down on November 27. This means that you who have courses or programs starting for the spring semester 2024, will edit in the Episerver web tool from now on. The responsibility for the welcome letters is also moved from the Department for Study Administration (STUA) to the Communications Department (KOM).

Log in and edit your welcome letters

The first thing you need to do, is to log in as employer at miun.se/en
Then to visit the page blow where you edit your welcome letters.

To the welcome letters

About the welcome letters in Episerver

  • To be able to edit your welcome letters, you must be logged in as an employee and go to the welcome letters page, see below. Tip, save the page as a favorite
  • From November 27, you will receive a notice on the employee portal about the status of your welcome letters, how many have been started and how many have not been done. It is the same notification center as for employee news. You will receive a reminder via email from Episerver about when it is time to start editing your newsletters for the upcoming semester. Emails for the spring semester are sent out on November 3
  • You can copy the text from your previous welcome letters to reuse the information
  • Everything is templated and ready in text blocks and you can easily fill in the information in the right place

Important dates

  • November 3: editing of welcome letters in Episerver starts
  • November 27: old welcome letters are discontinued. The address used between 3–27 November miun.se/valkomstbrev2024 moves to miun.se/valkomstbrev (the current address)
  • November 27: the notepad is launched on the employee homepage where you can see how many done and undone welcome letters you have
  • December 8: welcome letters must be ready and published in Episerver
  • December 11: first admission with response requirements
  • December 21: second admission
  • January 15: start of semester


There is a short guide produced that shows how to bring the welcome letters.

To the guide

Questions? Send your questions to: valkomstbrev@miun.se


The page was updated 11/17/2023