Cloud services

Includes all services where information for which Mid Sweden University is responsible is stored or processed by an external party. Basicaly all web-based services are considered cloud services. Examples of cloud services used today are Ladok, Primula, Retendo, O365, Mentimeter, etc.

These often require special agreements to be compatible with applicable legislation and Mid Sweden University´s regulations for the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, and information security. Also consider that the service may be covered by the law on accessibility to digital public service. Digital accessibility means that no one should be prevented from accessing digital public services such as services and information on websites and applications. More information is available at

External cloud services

You may use cloud services where an external party is the principal and controls the purposes and means of processing, provided you comply with the applicable legislation. Please pay particular attention to the requirements of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act and to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Any use of cloud services or similar types of outsourcing must be approved by the Division of Infrastructure.

Cloud services that do not appear in any of the lists below require a special application.

Application for approval of a new cloud service

If a cloud service is approved, you must order it. See more information on how to order the services.

Approved cloud services

The following cloud services are approved for use by Mid Sweden University. Normally, they are approved for handling information with normal confidentiality (which excludes sensitive personal data). For all approved cloud services, there is a completed information classification and specific agreements in place that regulate, and guarantee, that the services comply with the applicable legislation and the University’s regulations.

Approved cloud services with certain restrictions

The following cloud services are approved. There are, however, certain restrictions on what information may be processed and how the services should be used. When you use the services, you are responsible for complying with the University’s rules and guidelines concerning information security.

You are also responsible for following the guidance when using the services.

Approved cloud services - apps in M365

In M365, it is possible to use apps (tools) as an addition or complement to Microsoft's functionality. There are three types of apps: developed by Microsoft, developed by 3rd party vendors or proprietary apps. All apps from Microsoft are approved and this applies to both existing and future apps.

At present, no 3rd party apps are approved, but when there are approved apps, they are published in a list here.

Unapproved cloud services

These cloud services are not approved, as it is difficult to use them in a way that complies with current legislation and Mid Sweden University’s regulations. There may be problems related to public access and confidentiality, personal data or other contract issues. The Department of infrastructure may take measures to prevent or obstruct the use of these services.

Service Alternatives
Adobe Document Cloud OneDrive or file storage
Backup to Google or iCloud OneDrive
Box  OneDrive
Dropbox OneDrive
Google services (apps, drive, mail, calendar) Office365
Slack Office365


The Infrastructure Department (INFRA) is responsible for updating the cloud service pages. Any questions should be sent to Helpdesk,