Degree Certificate - Application and FAQ

As a student at Mid Sweden University you might want to apply fo a degree certificate at the end of your studies and this is done at the Degree Office.

When to apply? 

You can apply for the degree certificate after you have received the final grades for the courses that are required for the degree and these have been reported into the student documentation system LADOK. 

Which Degree? 

You can have a look at the Degree Requirements to see which requirements you need to fulfill for each Degree.

How to apply?

You must activly apply for the degree certificate. Applications are made either online by the Student portal or by paper form application. You can find links below to both these options. 
If you can't log in, please contact our IT Helpdesk, or 010-142 80 00.

If you prefer to apply by paper form print the application, fill out and send it by mail to the Degree Office. Applications for research degrees can only be made by using a paper form application. 


On-line application in the Student Portal: Degree of Bachelor and Master

Paper form application: Degree of Bachelor and Master

Paper form application: Postgraduate Degree

Graduation rings

Information about graduation rings




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