FAQ about Degree Certificates

  • We are not obliged to scan and send copies as PDF. If your degree certificate is lost, you have the right to receive a certified copy of your degree certificate, but you can choose to have a PDF sent by e-mail instead. Please contact examen@miun.se and provide your details.
    If you need your degree to apply for a professional qualification, you can photo/scan your diploma and submit it to the relevant authority.

  • The degree certificate will be sent to the address you have stated in the application for the degree certificate, which may be an address outside Sweden. You can also collect it personally if you are nearby our campus in Ă–stersund and can show a valid identity document as for example your passport.

  • Cumulative grade points average (CGPA) and cumulative rank in class is not calculated in the degree certificate. Neither are the grades transferred into grades in %. This is not applicable in Sweden and we do not have methods for calculating this, since Swedish degrees are not graduated with "first class with distinction, first class, second class upper/lower" and so on. The assessment is left to be done by the university that is asking for the CGPA. Due to this we do not recommend our students to use the GPA calculators on the Internet.

    Another reason why we do not recommend the calculators on the Internet is because there are also so called "fake credential evaluators" on the Internet who invest a lot of time and money on what is called "search engine optimization", but they are not recognized and the calculators are not reliable because they tend to provide the best possible outcomes.

  • If you fullfill the requirements for several degrees in most cases it is possible to obtain certificates covering several degrees.

  • Only completed courses at higher education level can be included in the degree certificate.

    For example, courses in the Swedish language for exchange students are not part of the higher education and will therefore not be included in the degree. For courses not included in the degree a course certificate may be requested from the relevant Faculty Administrator.

    Every single higher education credit needs to be unique, which means that the scope of a course will be reduced if several different courses cover the same content in terms of knowledge.


  • Every degree has a degree description, which states how many credits that may be included.

    All degrees, except the Degree of Licentiate, are exact degrees. This implies that no degree may contain more credits than what has been stated in the requirements.

    For courses that may not be included in degree certificates, course certificates may be requested from the relevant Faculty Administrator.

  • It is of importance to distinguish between degree title and professional title. In Sweden, the following applies: A professional title grows out of a developed custom in accordance with demands of a certain level of academic education. Therefore, many titles are not protected by law.

    However, the professional title "nurse" is an example of a protected title, which may only be used by a registered nurse. Furthermore, only a registered nurse may be employed as a nurse within a municipality's or a county council's health care. The authorization is issued by Socialstyrelsen (the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare), which offers more information about this on their homepage.

  • The administration work starts when the application is complete, and it is our ambition that the degree certificate is issued within 30 days. A complete application is:

    • when the application is properly completed

    • when all required documents are attached

    • when all courses have received a final grade

    • when the Degree Office has received an assessment of your previous studies from the Department (not always necessary)

  • As soon as you have received your degree certificate, you are asked to go through it carefully, and if there are mistakes or obscurities, you should immediately contact the Degree Administrator, who has signed the certificate. If this person complies with a correction in the certificate, the page that contains the mistake should be sent to him/her. Please note that if the mistake  is on the front page, all pages have to be sent in. If the correction is made shortly after the certificate was issued, the erroneous page will be replaced. If, however, the correction is made several years after the certificate was issued, the said correction will be made directly on the original with a note indicating that is has been done. This is to avoid suspicious of forgery.

  • Since 1 December 2000, the Degree Certificates, issued by Mid Sweden University, are written in both Swedish and English. To those who wish to have a certificate in English only or in other languages we recommend you to contact authorised translators, who may be found through Kammarkollegiet:

    Search for translators

  • If you have lost your degree certificate, the Degree Office can help you with a certified copy. If the number of pages in the copy exceeds 9 pages we charge a fee in accordance with the national Fee Ordinance.

  • Your original degree certificate is free of charge. We only issue one original.

  • The diploma supplement, a document attached to all degree certificates, provides a description of the nature, level/cycle, context, content, scope and status of the education that were successfully completed by the individual named on the degree certificate. The supplement also gives information about the education's place in the Swedish higher education system. The supplement also states that the international student has been admitted on special grounds other than general entrance requirements for higher education in Sweden, and that English has been the language of instruction. The diploma supplement, which is written in English, is automatically issued, is free of charge and is being issued to every student upon graduation.

    The thought behind the diploma supplement is that it will be easier for universities, public authorities and employers in different countries to evaluate the education itself and where it stands in comparison to national counterparts.

    For further information, please visit: The European Commission  

  • The degree certificate, which is written in both Swedish and English, is issued on several pages. The front page shows which degree you have received, your name and date of birth, the date of issue and the signature of the Vice Chancellor and the Degree Administrator.

    The following pages are an appendix to the degree certificate and shows your studies, where courses taken in Sweden are specified with their names, scope, grades and date of examination. For courses taken abroad we may refer to your original documents. Grades are given in the Swedish system, but not for courses taken abroad. There is also an explanation for scope, grades, levels and cycles used.

  • Your previously achieved university studies will be evaluated partly when you apply to Mid Sweden University as an international student. When you have begun your studies at Mid Sweden University you should contact the Degree Office who will introduce you how to evaluate your former studies to see if you fulfill any degree requirements.

    We do not evaluate your studies to see if you fulfill any degree requirements before you are a student at our university.

  • It is the Vice Chancellor who issue the Certificate, but it is the Degree Office that handles the application and prepares the document.


The page was updated 1/2/2023