Save favourite 27 Jun June 2019

Here you can search for examination time and dates. In the menu you can search for examination time and dates. If you have any questions regarding examination please do not hesitate to contact the examination administration.

Register for examination

Log in to the Student Portal, choose Exam from the left menu. 

Arriving late to the examination? Wait 30 minutes in the hallway

If you missed the exam registration deadline, please go directly to the exam location and you may be allowed to sign up for the exam there, space permitting. If there is space and enough copies of the exam available, you will be allowed to enter the exam room after 30 minutes, to make sure that the students who did arrive on time can begin without being disturbed. Please make sure to be on time!

For all concerns regarding examination please use the contacts below.

E-mail: tentasvl@miun.se
Sara Jonsson
Mariana Strand (Backup)

E-mail: tentaosd@miun.se
Annika Nilsson
Eva Wassdahl (Backup)

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