Inspera home exam means that you write your exam on a computer at home. It is easier for you as a student to get structure on what you submit at the same time as handling and correction becomes much smoother.

Before the exam


Register for the exam well in advance in Ladok. Registration closes five working days before the exam date.

Register in Ladok

Test software

Before you write your first digital exam, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how the system works. There is a demo exam that you can write as many times as you like. You can access it by logging in to and going to the Demotenta tab.

Make Demotenta


To you as a teacher: Feel free to submit a short lecture / information for the students before the actual exam date when they bring their computers and you go through the preparations together and test the demo exam.

Start on time

Make sure you are logged in 15 minutes before the start so that you can ensure that you can log in and that you see your current exam. If you miss your exam or have technical problems, get in touch with as soon as possible with information about which exam and what the problem is.

Connect the charger to your computer before the exam starts.

User information

You must know your user information for your student account. If you do not know these, contact the IT helpdesk well in advance before you write the exam.



Use a PC or Mac with a web browser (eg Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and a stable internet connection. If you experience problems with a web browser, please let your teacher know so we can inform future test participants.

If you are entitled to special support

Are you entitled to special educational support? Register it in connection with your registration for the exam in Ladok.

Go to Ladok

During the exam

How to complete the exam

Do this:

  •     Connect the charger to the computer.

  •     Launch any browser (not SEB)

  •     Go to

  •     Log in with your e-mail address, for example and the password with which you log in to the student web.

  •     When you have logged in, you should be able to see exams that you are scheduled for, right now the exams will come up so you can see them 2 days before the exam starts. Click on "more info" to get a little more information about the exam if the teacher has chosen to add it.

  •     When the exam has opened, click on "Open the exam"

  •     Read any information about your exam on the first page.

  •     Write the exam.

  •     If you finish before the time has expired, you can submit by clicking in the box "Submit now" on the last page. If you do not have an internet connection when the exam is to be submitted, the box "Submit now" will change to "Submit as file", the file will be saved under your folder for downloaded files, the file is named something like Cand_0001-test_12345678.ia. Email this to the responsible teacher, the file is encrypted so do not try to open / change the file as it will be unusable for the system.

  •     When the exam time has expired, you will be moved to the last page for submission.

  •     Never turn off the computer / tool without submitting the exam.

Good luck!

After the exam

Where do I see my results?

When the exam is assessed and graded, you can see your answers and any comments from the teacher. Your written exam is saved in the system for two years and then deleted automatically.
If you want to save the exam longer than that, you need to download it yourself before two years have passed. You will also see your study results in Ladok as usual.

My written exams


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