Once admitted to Mid Sweden University you book accommodation by contacting the housing company of your choice. You need to be admitted to at least 15 credits per semester to qualify.

Mid Sweden University does not provide student accommodation. However, we cooperate closely with student housing companies in each campus city and recommend different housing companies in Sundsvall and Östersund. The choice of housing varies but all types of student accommodation in Sweden are generally of a high standard. Students admitted to Mid Sweden University for a minimum of 15 credits per semester are offered a housing guarantee by the Municipalities in Sundsvall and Östersund. Please bear in mind when applying for housing that you are not guaranteed to get your first hand choice. Make sure to apply as soon as you receive your Notification of Selection Results (admission letter).

Types of student accommodation

The housing companies offer a wide range of accommodation such as:

  • student residence hall (dormitory rooms)
  • student residence hall (student flats with single or double rooms)
  • one-bedroom apartments
  • room in shared apartments
  • cottage apartments

Some rooms have their own bathroom with shower, and some also have a small kitchen. In other cases, students will share a bathroom, kitchen, and living room with a small number of other students. Student accommodation is often unfurnished, but there are also furnished rooms provided, depending on the company. Most accommodation require that students bring bed linen and kitchen utensils, but some companies may provide these materials. The housing companies will inform students about what conditions apply.

Areas and cost

The housing companies offer accommodation in various areas throughout the campus cities. Some are situated near the university campus, some are close to the city centre and some are located close to nature. Most student accommodation is located within walking distance of the university campus. Depending on the area and the type of room, the rent varies from approximately 2000 - 4000 SEK per month.

Book accommodation

Many students are looking for housing before the start of each semester. You are therefore recommended to apply for accommodation as soon as you have received your Notification of Selection Results (admission letter). You apply directly to the housing companies and not through Mid Sweden University. We cooperate with the different housing companies but please note that students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Companies often charge a deposit for reserving accommodation.

Rental period
Some companies have a 10 month rental period, which means that students do not pay rent 2 months of the year.

The voltage in Sweden is 220 volts, an adapter may be needed for electrical appliances.

Keep in mind that accommodation may not be furnished.

Termination of lease
The notice period is usually three months, depending on the tenant.

Arrival and keys
You can collect your keys during the  opening hours of the housing companies, which is normally between 08-16.00 Monday-Friday. Rental companies want you to make arrangements to collect your keys so make sure to book an appointment with the rental company and arrange for the key collection in advance. If you arrive outside the rental company's opening hours, or if your accommodation, for some reason, is not available on the day of your arrival, we advise you to book a hostel/hotell for the night and collect the keys when it is possible.
Contact the rental company for further information about opening hours and key collection.

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