For enquiries and questions of academic nature, for example receiving a signature on your Erasmus Learning Agreement, changing courses, and similar, please contact the academic contact person at the department where you study. If you study courses at different departments, please start by contacting the department where you study the most courses.

Faculty of Human Sciences

Department and academic contact person:

Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism - Maria Bogren (Östersund and Sundsvall)

Humanities - Magnus Perlestam (Sundsvall)
- English and Swedish language courses are offered at this Department

Health Sciences -  John Selander (Östersund)
- Sport science courses are offered at this Department

Nursing Sciences - Annika Kjällman-Alm (Sundsvall) and Bosse Ek (Östersund)

Psychology - Kerstin Weimer (Östersund) and Helena Örnkloo (Östersund)

Social Sciences - Evangelia Petridou (Östersund and Sundsvall)
- Political Science and Sociology courses are offered at this Department

Social Work - Angelika Kaffrell-Lindahl (Östersund)

Education - Ulrika Gidlund (Sundsvall)

Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, NMT

Department and academic contact person:

Electronics Design - Claes Mattson (Sundsvall)

Design - Kevin Gater (Sundsvall) 
- Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Photography courses are offered at this Department

Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering - Nils Nilsson (Östersund)
- Ecotechnology, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Building Technology

Information Systems and Technology - Olof Nilsson (Sundsvall)
- Computer Science, Informatics and Business Management and Organization courses Risk and Decision Analysis/Information Security are offered at this Department 

Chemical Engineering - Birgitta Engberg (Sundsvall)

Quality Technology and Management, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics - Åsa Danvid (Östersund)
- Sports technology

Media and communication Science - Solange Hamrin (Sundsvall)
- Journalism and Strategic communication courses are offered at this Department

Natural Sciences - Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson and Lucas Lundman (Industrial Design Engineering) (Sundsvall)

Science Education and Mathematics - Cornelia Schiebold (Sundsvall)

Changing courses

If necessary, it might be possible for you to change a course. It varies depending on the circumstances. When requesting a course change you need to contact the international contact person for the subject you want to change to. Remember to attach your Notification of Selection Results (admission letter) when you email your department contact!

If they approve admission to the new course, then they will notify the International Relations Office to change your courses in Ladok. Don't forget to get approval for any changes from your home university too (and where applicable, update your Learning Agreement.)