Checklist for nominated students |

1. Before your studies abroad

Application to the host university

If you are nominated to study abroad, the next step is to apply to the host university. After nomination, usually the host university sends information regarding their application process. Depending on the host university, you may also receive information from your department or the International Relations Office.

Course selection

Choose courses along with your department. You may need to find courses and syllabus on the host university's website. Discuss your alternatives with your department, and always complete a Learning Agreement to ensure that the courses will be transferrable to Mid Sweden University upon completion. 

Learning agreement

There are two different versions of Learning Agreement (LA). The Learning Agreement for studies within Europe/Erasmus+ and Learning Agreement for studies outside of Europe is on paper. 

The Learning Agreement includes contact information to the student, home university, and host university, and also a list of all courses that the student plans to take abroad, and how the courses will transfer back to the home university. The documents is signed by the student and contact persons at both home- and host university. The completed Learning Agreement, signed by all three parties, is to ensure that the courses completed abroad is transferrable towards your degree. A completed Learning Agreement is required for studies within Erasmus+ and to receive the Erasmus+ scholarship.


Before filling in the LA, you need to know which courses that you will study at the host university and how the courses will be transferred back. You also need the name and email address to your contact persons, and have completed the Erasmus+ OLS language assessment. 

Click here to find the Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ Exchange studies 

Learning Agreement via app: Download the app Erasmus+ to your smart phone and fill it out the same way as the web version. WILL COME SOON

Studies outside Europe

When you have made your course selection for full time studies, fill in the courses and credits in the document Learning Agreement. This document needs to be signed by your department before your studies abroad. Email it to the contact person at the host university for their signature. The completed Learning Agreement, signed by all three parties, is to ensure that the courses completed abroad is transferrable towards your degree. Scanned documents are accepted.

Email the completed document including all signatures to the International Relations Office.

Click here to find the document Learning Agreement for studies outside of Europe.

Erasmus+ scholarship

If you are nominated to a host university within Europe/EES then you are eligible for EU's Erasmus+ scholarship. Fill in the Application and Grant Agreement, sign it, and have it signed by the academic contact person at your department before sending it to the International Relations Office.

The Erasmus Student Charter is part of the Erasmus+ grant agreement. The Charter describes rights and responsibilities within the Erasmus+ exchange program, in regards to the student, the sending university, and the host university. 

Application and Grant Agreement Erasmus+ studies (PDF)

Erasmus Student Charter (PDF)

If you choose to travel by train instead of plane to your study destination, you are eligible to apply for an extra travel stipend. The travel stipend is 190 EUR (about 2000 SEK). Contact the International Relations Office for more information.

Erasmus+ Online Language Support

The EU-commission requires all students within the Erasmus+ exchange program to complete an online language assessment before and after studying abroad. The assessment called Erasmus+ Online Language Support (OLS), takes about 30-40 minutes to complete and is an assessment to compare students language level before and after the Erasmus+ period. The result is not shared with the host university and is for the students' and EU commission use only. Students are invited to enroll in an online language course after completion of the OLS test, as a language support during the study period. 

  • The OLS is in the student's planned study language. If the student is planning to takes courses in more than one language the student may choose in which language to take the assessment. If the student plans to study abroad in a non-English speaking country but will take courses in English, the student may choose in which language to take the assessment.
  • Complete the OLS language assessment before filling in the OLA (the result is needed in the OLA).


You need to be registrered in Ladok during your studies abroad to be covered by Mid Sweden University's insurance for outgoing students. When you have recieved your admission decision including semester dates from the host university, forward it to the International Relations Office and you will be registered in Ladok 2-3 days before the semester abroad begins. 


If you are eligible for CSN for studies in Sweden; you may also apply for CSN for your semester abroad. Contact CSN for more information.


Make sure that you have the blue EU insurance card if you will study abroad within the EU. This gives you the same access to health care as permanent residents and citizens.

Student-OUT insurance
All students who study abroad as part of their education (registered in Ladok during the semester abroad) are covered by the insurance Student OUT by Kammarkollegiet. You receive an insurance card valid during the semester dates plus two weeks before and after. This insurance is valid in your host country only, and during your travels to and from the host country (as direct as possible). Pick up your card at the International Relations Office in building G in Östersund and building N in Sundsvall.

Please note that some partner universities in the United States and Canada requires all students to purchase their insurance.

Terms and Conditions Kammarkollegiet STUDENT OUT

Visa and residence permit

It is the student's responsibility to contact embassy or consulate and apply for a visa, if applicable. The application process and costs vary depending on the country.

Erasmus student charter

The Erasmus+ Student Charter is part of the grant agreement included in the Erasmus+ scholarship. It entails rights and responsibilities of the Erasmus+ program regarding you as a student, the sending university, and the host university. 

Erasmus Student Charter (PDF).

2. During your studies abroad

Confirmation of studies abroad

Mid Sweden University wants to know that you have arrived safe and sound at your host university, and receive confirmation of your semester dates abroad.

Send the document "Confirmation of studies abroad" to within two weeks after arrival, and as soon as you know your return date. For Erasmus+ scholarship recipients, this is a requirement to receive both installments of the scholarship.

Confirmation of studies abroad (PDF)

Changes in Learning Agreement

Let the academic contact person at Mid Sweden University know if you need to change your courses.

If you are changing courses, update your Online Learning Agreement (OLA) online, or fill in the document Changes to LA if your LA is a paper version. Send the document to both the International Relations Office and the contact person at your department.

Travel report

Write a travel report describing your preparation and your experiences during your studies abroad. You decide if your report can be visible on the Miun website or not. It is a good idea to start writing your report during your time abroad when experiences are still fresh in your mind.

Please use the below template.

Travel report 


Contact Mid Sweden University and your host university as soon as possible if you are considering interrupting your studies.

3. After your studies abroad

Transfer of credits

Apply for transfer credits as soon as you have received your offical transcript of records from the host university. In some cases, you need to order your transcript from the host university, and in some cases it is sent to you automatically.

Always bring the course syllabus back from the host university and make sure that you have a complete Learning Agreement.

You apply for transfer credits at the Degree Office by filling out an online application and submitting your Learning Agreement, official transcript, and syllabus. More information about transfer credit application.

Reporting for Erasmus+

After your Erasmus+ mobility, the following is required:

1.  Send in your Confirmation of departure to the International Relations Office. The dates need to be the actual dates present at the host university.

2. Answer the Erasmus+ Participant Survey. A link to the survey is sent to your email. 

3. Complete the second OLS language assessment. A link to the assessment is sent to your email. 

When this is completed you receive the remaining 30% of the Erasmus+ scholarship.


Share your experiences

Students who have studied abroad may be asked to share their experiences, by for example present during information sessions about exchange studies or by being interviewed. 


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