Mid Sweden University cooperates with a large number of universities abroad. Some of these cooperations include exchange agreements that allow you as a student to spend 1-2 semesters abroad as an exchange student.

Mid Sweden University has gathered all possible host universities for exchanges etc. in a database where you can search for information based on subject and department. The subjects included in your study programme or degree govern which host universities you can apply for. Among elective universities, some are recommended over others. Recommendations are determined by how the studies are structured at the host university and how well it corresponds to the structure and content of your education here at Mid Sweden University.

Link to the Mobility-Online database. Klick on Agreements, before beginning your search.

Recommended partners for the Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, NMT
Rekommended partners for the Faculty of Human Science, HUV


Beyond our own exchange agreements (which you can find in the database above), Mid Sweden University is part of a network called Nordlys. Within this network there are exchange opportunities at over 30 different universities in Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark. If you are interested in an exchange within this network, please contact our International Relations Office for more information on how to apply. 

List of partner institutions within the Nordlys-Erasmus+ network


Mid Sweden University is also part of a network called North2North. This network is made up of universities located around the Arctic Cirle, e.g. Russia, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, the northern parts of the US and Canada. Exchange placements within North2North are tuition free and includes a scholarship. More information on this can be found via this website.