Exchange students are students coming to Mid Sweden University for one or two semesters within the framework of an exchange agreement.

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Who can apply for exchange studies?

Your home university must have an agreement with Mid Sweden University that includes student exchange. Contact the international office at your home university to find out if there is an agreement and if you can be nominated as an exchange student. The length of the exchange period is determined by the agreement between Mid Sweden University and the student's home university, but the maximum is always two semester


Mid Sweden University has a new online nomination and application system for students from partner universities. The international coordinator at your home university nominates you by filling out an online nomination form. The International Relations Office emails all partner universities nomination and application instructions when the nomination period is open.


When your international coordinator has submitted the online nomination and the nomination deadline has passed and your nomination is confirmed, you will receive an email with application instructions and personal application link to the course application web page. This application link is personal and cannot be forwarded or shared with other students.


Exchange students can apply for courses at Bachelor and Master level in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology and Natural Sciences, Teacher Training and Health Sciences. All courses are taught in English.

You select courses in the online application via the personal application link and upload the required documents (transcript of records from all previous university studies, study information sheet and copy of passport/ID) on your personal page on Review the available courses and entry requirements ahead of time, so you know which courses to select when you apply. You will be emailed an application guide with application instructions and a study options guide before you begin the application process. 

Please note that even though it is possible to apply for any of the courses in the list, applications to courses in subjects where there is no agreement with your department may not be accepted. We ask all partner universities to ensure that they nominate their students in the subject stated in the partnership agreement and that they inform their students that this is the subject in which they can apply for courses. This is to ensure students don’t end up in a situation where they cannot find suitable courses for their exchange.

Courses available to exchange students

Read our Course Application Guide For Exchange Students for further application instructions

Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

A Learning Agreement is a formal confirmation that you have been admitted to a specific set of courses that will be transferred back to your home university upon successful completion of your university studies at Mid Sweden University. 

When you have received your notification of selection results, please contact the academic contact person at the department where you will study and ask them to sign it for you. If you have been admitted to courses at different departments, please contact the department where you will study the majority of your courses. Don’t forget to update your Learning Agreement should you make any course changes during the exchange.

Notification of selection result/Confirmation of Enrolment

You will be able to access and download a PDF of the Notification of Selection results on your personal page on University Admissions (in May for autumn semester, and in mid-November for spring semester applications). Admission letters will not be sent out via email. After the admission process has closed, admitted students will receive a Welcome letter from the International Relations Office via email, including information about accommodation and introduction days.

Student accommodation

Mid Sweden University does not provide student accommodation, but the university cooperates closely with several student housing companies in each campus city. The types of housing varies, but all types of student accommodation in Sweden are generally of a high standard. Exchange students may apply for accommodation before receiving the Confirmation of Enrolment, but the accommodation application will not be processed by the housing company until after the students enrolment is confirmed. Please note that you need to be admitted to at least 15 credits per semester to qualify for student accommodation.

Introduction days

In order to make your first time at the university a little bit easier we have put together a digital Introduction Guide for you. In the guide you can find short film clips of what you need to know about your studies at Mid Sweden University. You can go through the material at your own leisure, before or upon your arrival to Sweden.

This year's Introduction consists of three parts:

  • a series of short films  (you can watch them here)
  • live session in Zoom on 18th January to better get an understanding of your coming student life at Mid Sweden University and how things work here.
  • social activities in small groups, organised by the student union

Arrival Service for International Students 

In order to make it easier for you as new students to get to your accommodation, Mid Sweden University will organise Arrival Service for you. Sign up for our Arrival Service here. 

Official semester dates

Autumn semester: 31 August - 17 January, 2021
Spring semester: 18 January- 6 June, 2021


If you have questions regarding exchange studies at Mid Sweden University, please send an e-mail to the International Relations Office at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Information and FAQ about and in relation to COVID-19 for incoming students