Euroflections at European science media hub

Mån 21 sep 2020 16:19

Euroflections and the DEMICOM researcher Kajsa Falasca is covered in an article published at The European Science-Media Hub.

Kajsa Falasca

Focus is on research connected to the upcoming election in the article "Online disinformation during elections : researchers in Europe team up to monitor and analyse the situation".

The European Science-Media Hub creates a network among policymakers, scientists and media involving science, academia, educational and research entities, professional associations of journalists and scientists. With the EP-elections coming up the European commision is making an extra effort to prevent and highlight he risk to fake news and disinformation.

Kajsa Falasca, researcher at DEMICOM, Mid Sweden University, and one of the editors of Euroflections, is beeing interviewed about the unique project, gathering over 70 researchers in a quick analysis of the election.

Follow this link for the full article

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