Seminar: Euroflections ‑ leading researcher on EU elections 2019

Mån 21 sep 2020 16:19

On June 13, the report Euroflections - Leading academics on the European Elections 2019 will be released.

EU parlament Bryssel

With this in mind, the research center Demicom at Mid Sweden University in collaboration with Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS), organizes a seminar on the European Parliament election.

In May 2019, elections to the European Parliament are beeing held in EU member states. In a unique project, about 60 leading researchers from all over Europe have analyzed the election based on their expert areas. The report contains analyzes of the election results, the parties, the election campaigns, and the media.

On June 13, the research center DEMICOM and SIEPS will hold a seminar to discuss some of the most interesting results in the report and what these can say about the European Parliament and the EU's future work.

At the seminar, we will, among other things, discuss the design of the election campaigns, the influence of Brexit, and the European Parliament's party system.

Nicholas Aylott, associate professor of political science at Södertörn University
Sofie Blombäck, Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Mid Sweden University
Kajsa Falasca, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies at Mid Sweden University
Bengt Johansson, professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of Gothenburg
Lars Nord, professor of political communication at Mid Sweden University
Thomas Persson, Associate Professor in Political Science at Uppsala University
Sieps, Stockholm, Torsgatan 11, floor 4.
Conference room: Riksmötet

June 13, at 09:00 - 10:30

Register for the seminar no later than June 11th.
Click here for registration and more information

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

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