Marta är Erasmus‑student från Italien

Fre 20 sep 2019 11:18

Under höstterminen är Marta Mellino Erasmus-student från Universitetet i Modena här på Mittuniversitetet och gör sitt examensarbete . Hennes handledare är prof. Håkan Edlund, och Ida Svanedal och har sitt arbetsrum på plan 3 i S-huset. Vi hälsar henne välkommen och hoppas att hon får en intressant termin hos oss! Vi har gjort en intervju med Marta. 

Marta Mellino

Marta is Erasmus student from Italy

Marta Mellino is Erasmus student from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Modena, Italy. She will do her thesis work in her education program to engineer at Mid Sweden University, FSCN research centre in Sundsvall. Her supervisors will be prof. Håkan Edlund and Ida Svanedal. Marta studies her fifth year on the program for environmental engineering at University of Modena, and she now starts her thesis work at Mid Sweden University as a part of the Erasmus exchange program.

How did you get information about Mid Sweden University?

When I decided to perform my thesis work abroad I had the possibility to choose from different destinations with which my university has correspondences for exchange studies. I have read about Mid Sweden University on that list and I have been interested from the first moment. My professor in Italy, Isabella Lancellotti, who is the Erasmus coordinator of engineering department at University of Modena, had contact with Cathrine Gladh, international coordinator at Mid Sweden University. They collaborate in the Erasmus program and she recommended me Mid Sweden University and professor Håkan Edlund for my thesis work. I am interested in environmental engineering and their research in chelating surfactants, chemical compounds and polluted water, according to my studies in environmental sustainability engineering in Modena.

What do you think about Sundsvall and Sweden?

I think it’s nice to learn to know different countries and cultures. I like it here, you have a nice campus area with nice architecture and the research environment is friendly. I will live in a student department in Nacksta and I have already learned to know some new friends in Sundsvall.

How long are you planning to stay here?

The thesis work is from September 2019 to January 2020.

What are your dreams for future work?

I am not sure yet, but I hope to find something interesting to work with when I am ready with my studies.

We wish Marta welcome and hope she will enjoy working with us!

 Mid Sweden University has international partnerships and exchange possibilities inside EU and EES.  Within Europe many Mid Sweden University students chose to go to The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France and Italy, to mention a few partner countries. We have a cooperation agreement with nine universities in Italy. The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is one of them. The ex-change period is normally 1 semester and you also get an ERASMUS+ grant! 


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