Visualizing and gamifying – an area of interest for our new research engineer Liang Zhou

Fre 24 mars 2023 11:55

I januari 2023 anlände Liang Zhou till Sundsvall, för att påbörja sin tjänst som forskningsingenjör för projektet InfraVis. Han kommer att hjälpa forskare med nya visualiseringsmetoder och verktyg. Läs intervju med Liang.

En asiatisk man med glasögon, mörkt hår och grå tröja.
Liang Zhou ska hjälpa forskare att visualisera sina resultat.

Tell us about your background

I am from China, and I completed my PhD in Philosophy/Ethics in Peking University in 2015. Then I worked for several years as a columnist and editor for a popular science magazine and its video channel, and I focused on creating immersive reading experience of scientific/social‐scientific topics for the mass audience.

During this period, I developed my interest in visualizing and gamifying concepts and ideas. Driven by that, I developed an independent game about biological cells in 2020‐2021 and then worked as a Unity Engine programmer for a mobile app company in Beijing in 2022.

What will you be working with here at Mid Sweden University?

I work here as a research engineer for the InfraVis project, which helps nationwide researchers enhance their impact and gain insights by using state‐of‐the‐art visualization methods and tools. I will fulfil tasks assigned by InfraVis ranging from giving tutorial tips to building customized toolsets and help researchers with their visualization goals and problems.

When did you arrive in Sundsvall and how do you like it so far?

I arrived in Sundsvall in January 2023. People here in the university and in my neighbourhood are nice and helpful. The city is quiet and snowy, and I like it so far.

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