Mycket uppskattad interaktiv AI‑workshop

Mån 18 sep 2023 15:35

Den 30 augusti inbjöds Stefan Forsström, docent vid STC, att arrangera en AI-workshop för HIAB. HIAB är en partner i STC:s forskningsprofil Niit där Stefan är forskare.

En grupp deltagare tillsammans med Stefan Forsström

Läs hela nyheten på engelska:

Collaborating with Stefan Forsström, the attendees from HIAB delved into new AI solutions, uncovering their capacity to optimize workflow procedures. Throughout the day, participants actively engaged in discussions, underscoring the evident trend of mounting interest and enthusiasm surrounding AI.

We asked Elin Lindström, RND graduate at HIAB about her thoughts on the workshop:

– We had the opportunity to experiment with various types of AI technology, and Stefan guided us with valuable insights before we tackled each new task. I particularly appreciated his active involvement as he moved around, engaging with us, asking us about our progress, and providing feedback. The experience was not only very interesting but also a lot of fun. Prior to this, I had never interacted with AI, and it struck me as an incredibly useful tool.





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