Presenting Researchers, Exhibitors and Their Contributions

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Keynote Speakers

Ursula Heise (UCLA): The Anthropocene and the Reimagination of the City

Richard Kerridge (Bath Spa University): Material Ecocriticism and the New Nature Writing

Mark Luccarelli (University of Oslo): Across Borders: The Limits of Environmental Convergence and the Role of the Environmental Humanities 

Kari Norgaard (University of Oregon): Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and Everyday Life

Gísli Pálsson (University of Iceland): Housekeeping, Oikos, and the Anthropocene

Sophia Perdikaris (City Universirty of New York): “The Sea Will Rise, Barbuda Will Survive”: The Role of Time and Context in Environmental Consciousness in the Anthropocene


Þorvarður Árnason (University of Iceland): Natural Aesthetics of Þórbergur Þórðarson and Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval

Hannes Bergthaller (National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan): On Ruins and the Laws of Nature: Volney, Marsh, and Liberal Ecology

Maths Bertell (Mid Sweden University): Conversions to Christianity in the Nordic Countries from an Ecological Perspective: The Change of Values and the Relationship between Humans, the Landscape and its Resources

Werner Bigell (University of Tromsø): The Universal Language of Eco-globalism

Anders Birgersson (Zoopeople Media Arts Collective): Bifrost 1.0: Developing the Environmental Humanities

Astrid Bracke (University of Amsterdam): Fire and Ice: Narrating the Anthropocene in Post-Millennial British Fiction

Inga Carlman (Mid Sweden University): Social Scientists and the Strong Sustainability Perspective

Michaela Castellanos (Mid Sweden University): Marine Parks as Risky Business: Negotiations of Anthropological Difference in Contemporary US Activist Documentaries

Lena Christensen (Lund University): The Socio-ecological Dimensions of the Anthropocene: A Reading of Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior

Peter Degerman (Mid Sweden University): The Word and the World – The Material Ecopoetics of David Vikgren

Maria Elevant (Stockholm University): Narrating the Anthropocene in Oryx and Crake

David Farrier (University of Edinburgh): Animal Detectives and ‘Anthropocene Noir’ in Chloe Hooper’s A Child’s Book of True Crime

Eva Friman (SWEDESD, Uppsala University): Education for Sustainable Development

Morgan Fröling (Mid Sweden University): To Really Do What We Know We Need to Do – Can Humanities Help where Natural Science and Engineering Have Reached the End of the Road?

Erik Grönlund (Mid Sweden University): Different Perceptions of the Relation Man vs. Nature Viewed by Different Applications of the Ecosystem Concept

Ashleigh Harris (Uppsala University): Mutation and the African Present: Lauren Beukes’s Moxyland (2008) and Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon (2014)

Steven Hartman (Mid Sweden University): The Environmental Humanities as an Educational Project, Bifrost 1.0: Developing the Environmental Humanities

Reinhard Hennig (Mid Sweden University): No Future and no Past? How the Anthropocene Changes Environmentalist Narratives

Dominic Hinde (University of Edinburgh): Building Common, Local Futures: Establishing a Normative Ethics of Ecomodernity

Mae Kilker (University of Notre Dame): Environmental Memory of the Fens: Lived Experience and Intertextuality at Crowland Abbey

C. Parker Krieg (University of Oregon): Environmental Memory and Historiographic Metafiction: William Vollmann Writes North America

Ursula Lang (University of Minnesota): Environmental Consciousness in and through Everyday Embodied Affects

Jörgen Magnusson (Mid Sweden University): New Light on the Historical Jesus in View of Environmental Consciousness

Nuno Marques (Mid Sweden University): Building a Dojo in California: Gary Snyder‘s Syncretic Place

Peter Mortensen (Aarhus University): Greening Happiness East and West

Peter Norrman (Zoopeople Media Arts Collective): Bifrost 1.0: Developing the Environmental Humanities 

John Parham (University of Worchester): A Transnational Romance: Eco-Cosmopolitanism, Anime, Romantic Narrative

Adriana Méndez Rodenas (University of Iowa): On the Trail with Humboldt: Mapping the Orinoco as Transnational Space

Torbjörn Skytt (Mid Sweden University): What Is It Like to Be a Tree?

Heather Sullivan (Trinity University): The Dark Pastoral: Material Ecocriticism in the Anthropocene

Margaret Tedford (University of Belfast): Dominion and Caretaking: Unpacking Environmental Consciousness in Some Old English Saints‘ Lives

Masami Yuki (Kanazawa University, Japan): Organic Food Movement, Locavorism, and Transnational Food Consciousness

Symposium Organizers -- Mid Sweden University

Steven Hartman, Professor of English & Chair of NIES/Coordinator of ECOHUM

Anders Olsson, Docent in English

Reinhard Hennig, Research Assistant in Environmental Humanities, ECOHUM

Michaela Castellanos, Doctoral Candidate in English

Christian Hummelsund Voie, Doctoral Candidate in English

Nuno Marques, Doctoral Candidate in English