Isaac Sánchez Leal


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Sánchez Leal, I. , Abeykoon, C. & Perera, Y. S. (2021). Design, simulation, analysis and optimization of pid and fuzzy based control systems for a quadcopter. Electronics, vol. 10: 18    

Shallari, I. , Sánchez Leal, I. , Krug, S. , Jantsch, A. & O'Nils, M. (2021). Design space exploration for an IoT node : Trade-offs in processing and communication. IEEE Access, vol. 9, ss. 65078-65090.    

Sánchez Leal, I. , Shallari, I. , Krug, S. , Jantsch, A. & O'Nils, M. (2021). Impact of input data on intelligence partitioning decisions for IoT smart camera nodes. Electronics, vol. 10: 16    


Sánchez Leal, I. , Saqib, E. , Shallari, I. , Jantsch, A. , Krug, S. & O'Nils, M. (2023). Waist Tightening of CNNs : A Case study on Tiny YOLOv3 for Distributed IoT Implementations. I ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.. S. 241--246.  

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