Outreach & Collaboration

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Tourism – both as a field of study and as a professional sector – is characterized by a myriad of actors, interests, and approaches. Consequently, it is now recognized that research processes are most successful when co-created. Within a “co-creation of knowledge” context, significant external collaborations and contributions include:

Intellectual capital from industry:
As an applied field of study, significant input from industry partners is essential for conducting meaningful and utilization-focused research. ETOUR’s long history of working directly with industry has built significant “intellectual capital”, whereby scientific and professional development is mutually reinforced through active knowledge and experience sharing.

ETOUR has gone global and is now working with partners worldwide to find innovative solutions to diverse sets of tourism challenges. Today, nearly half of our staff originate from outside of Sweden and we are conducting work in a growing number of countries. In addition, ETOUR has hosted over 70 international visitors during the last years. Through such engagement, the relevance and validity of the scientific research is significantly enhanced.

Our international collaboration partners

Corporate member of IFITT, International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism, where our Professor Matthias Fuchs is board member. 



AIEST, a worldwide network of tourism experts.



ATLAS, global network of universities with research and education interests in tourism and leisure.


NORTHORS, the Nordic Society for Tourism and Hospitality Research.