Juha Fiskari is new professor in chemical engineering

Thu 07 Sep 2017 13:43

Juha Fiskari is new professor in chemical engineering, chemical pulping processes, at research centre FSCN. He started to work part time for Mid Sweden University in September 2017. We welcome Juha and hope he will enjoy working with us. Here is a presentation of him and his background.

professor miun

My research primarily concerns the development of chemical pulp manufacturing processes. Research can be divided into some current major topics such as the development of cooking, bleaching or washing processes and related environmental issues. My research interests are also green chemistry and especially the development of closed-cycle bleaching, ie. the chemical production process with a reduced water consumption. With closed water cycles, energy consumption can also be reduced because large amounts of wastewater often cause major heat losses. Moreover, I want to develop new methods for utilizing the raw material more complete. Waste is an economic loss and burden for the forest industry. On the other hand, if the raw material is completely converted to saleable products, nothing is wasted and therefore no waste is generated.

I have more than 20 years of experience managing a wide range of R&D projects in the pulp and paper industry. I have also been giving lectures at universities and other institutions as well as mentoring university-level courses and academic theses in the field of pulp and paper technology. Most of my industrial experience has been in various management positions, supervising and training multi-cultural employees.

I obtained my PhD exam in Chemical Wood Processing Technology 2002 at the Åbo Akademi in Finland, with professors Bruno Lönnberg and Johan Gullichsen as supervisors. The thesis dealt with the minimization of water consumption in chemical pulp bleaching. In 2003-2015 I worked on various expert positions in the forest industry in Finland, Indonesia and Norway before moving to Sundsvall and began my work in the process development at Valmet AB in Sundsbruk.

Now I look forward to start work at Mid Sweden University together with the researchers in FSCN.


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