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New nanomaterials for better batteries

Researchers at Mid Sweden University have developed high-capacity batteries using a novel nanomaterial. These new results, published in Scientific Reports (2019), show an increase of capacity by 10...

Treesearch Progress

On May 7-8 2019 we participated in Treesearch Progress at Vildmarkshotellet in Kolmården.

FMPRS seminar in Norrköping

On April 2-4 we arranged the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research seminar in Norrköping together with our partner companies ÅF, Valmet, Holmen and Treesearch. Approx. 90 persons from academia...

Treesearch Science Fair in Stockholm

Treesearch arranged a Science Fair on May 31, 2018 in Stockholm. Nassima El Miri, Rana Alimohammadzadeh and Lisa Goclik joined the Fair and presented demos from their research. One of the guests wa...

Final Symposium for e2mp

On September 19-20 2017 we gathered with partner companies and funders to discuss and evaluate results from the research program e2mp - energy efficiency in mechanical pulping.

MILABs official opening

On April 27 2017 we officially opened our materials and innovation laboratory MILAB at Mid Sweden University. MILAB is a laboratory for advanced material characterization, open and available for...

Innovation award for Organofuel

Our researchers in Organofuel has recieved an innovation award of 200 000 sek on Innovationsriksdagen in Linköping. Organofuel is a green start-up company in Sundsvall started by our researchers...

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