Treesearch Science Fair in Stockholm

Fri 01 Jun 2018 08:35

Treesearch arranged a Science Fair on May 31, 2018 in Stockholm. Nassima El Miri, Rana Alimohammadzadeh and Lisa Goclik joined the Fair and presented demos from their research. One of the guests was HMK the King of Sweden.

Science Fair
Rana Alimohammadzadeh, Nassima El Miri and Lisa Goclik represented Mid Sweden University and FSCN research centre on Science Fair.

Nassima showed bionanocomposite films

I'm Nassima El Miri, a Post-doc at Mid Sweden University in FSCN research centre. My project focus on the development of new bionanocomposites films based on biodegradable materials such as cellulosic nanomaterials and environmentally friendly polymers matrix. Why biodegradable materials? Biodegradable materials have a low impact on the environment, help decreasing the problem of disposability of synthetic materials, like plastic, and they also can be obtained from renewable resources. Beside, their physico-chemical properties can lead to the production of bionanocomposites materials or film that have a high mechanical properties, high transparency, good barrier properties and antimicrobial properties, which are the main required properties for the food packaging application that assure the preservation of packaged product and prolonging shelf life.

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Rana Alimohammadzadeh and Lisa Goclik – Nanocellulose material modification

Rana is PhD student in organic chemistry at Mid Sweden University, FSCN research centre. She and Lisa talked about nanocelloluse material modification. They showed the hydrophobic nanocelloluse which is made in lab. They also used a UV light to show active compounds and some film which is made from nanocelloluse and idea is reducing permability of nanocelloluse to O2 gas. 

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