Research collaboration with Colombia is to provide better implants

Wed 28 Jul 2021 13:22

Sports Tech Research Centre collaborates and cooperates with universities all over the world. The latest is a research project together with three universities in Colombia on metal additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing in metal (EBM)

The research group in additive manufacturing and materials at Sports Tech Research Centre is among the leading in Sweden and in the world in additive manufacturing, mainly in metals using the electron beam melting technology. In turn, the participating universities and researchers in Colombia have extensive knowledge on material characterization and different surface treatments, but currently there are no EBM systems installed in the country. Now they bring together their knowledge to produce and evaluate prototypes using conventional manufacturing methods and additive metal manufacturing (EBM).

Carlos Botero an associated professor and researcher at Mid Sweden University, will manufacture the implants in EBM, which will be then modified in the surface and characterized by the team of researchers in Colombia. This will bring important insights for an improved integration of the implants into the body.

For the research partners in Colombia, it is also important to evaluate the technical and commercial potential of electron beam melting (EBM), as well as to set the ground for a potential future the investment in EBM equipment for the medical industry in the country.

-It will be interesting to see how the implants and materials we manufacture can be improved through different surface treatments and coatings. Of course, it’s extra fun to be able to contribute to the development of the technology in my home country Colombia, says Carlos Botero.

Cooperating universities and researchers

  • Juan Guillermo Castaño and Maryory Gómez, Universidad de Antioquia
  • Alejandro Zuleta, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  • Libia Baena and Adrián Tamayo, Instituto Tecnológico de Medellín

 The project is financed by a merger of universities in Medellin, Colombia.


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