Our facilities include several technically advanced laboratories, some of which are world leading. Here you will find wind tunnel, materials testing lab, labs for additive manufacturing (3D-print) and applied mechanics. In addition we have movable labs, in form of tracked vehicles, for studies in the field.

Sports Tech Research Centre
Test in the wind tunnel.

Our lab is an excellent environment to conduct research as well as being an important resource for both education and partners, from hospitals to manufacturing companies in outdoor and industry.

By developing measurement methods and concepts and combining different methods and tests in the various labs, we can produce advanced prototypes, conduct industry specific testing and verification in life-like environment, with focus on functionality.


We are engaged in research relating to innovative development and verification of products, materials, technology and methods for sports, recreational and outdoor activities, including rehabilitation support, medical applications and equipment for the impaired. Other research area is additive manufacturing, with applications in medicine and materials- and process development.


We are closely linked to the engineering program in mechanical engineering at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. During the education, students have opportunity to work in the various labs often in cooperation with industrial and outdoor companies, for example during the degree project.

Corporate collaboration

By cooperating with us, companies and organizations can gain access to the labs and work with our researchers and research engineers to develop and test products and materials. We take on societal challenges and develop new knowledge and innovative solutions, mostly based on a specific need. We also offer qualified commissioned and perform contract research.

Our labs:

If you want to know more about our labs, please don’t hesitate to contact Mikael Bäckström, head of Sports Tech research Centre or our lab managers. 

Lab managers

Additive manufacturing
Lars-Erik Rännar

Materials testing
Kajsa Nilsson

Wind tunnel
Mats Ainegren

Applied mechanics
Jonas Danvind


Programmes closely connected to the research centre:

Sports Technology – mechanical engineer within innovative product development 

Mechanical Engineering - Product Development