The lab for additive manufacturing enables to create advanced components in a variety of materials from a 3D model in the computer, complex geometries and functional materials which previously not been possible to produce.


Equipment and technology

The lab include equipment for additive manufacturing in metal and plastic, but also post-processing equipment, milling machine, laser scanning and equipment for material characterization such as profilometry and scanning electron microscope.


  • Arcam A2 (Swedens first, now updated for better capacity and optimized for process development)
  • uPrint SE Plus
  • Objet Eden 260V

There is also a Makerlab that students have free access to, with several printers and scanning equipment.


The research in additive manufacturing (3D printing) spans over a wide range of areas; from prototyping in sports technology to applications in medicine and materials- and process development.

We have extensive experience in additive manufacturing and ranked among the leaders in Sweden and the world, primarily in metal using the method of Electron Beam Melting® (EBM). Our expertise include metals, polymers, materials development, manufacturing techniques and process development.

Titanium and stainless steel grade 316 are some of the metals that we use but we also work closely to companies in order to develop the EBM process for new alloys suitable for different applications.

Research and development are primarily focused in these areas:

  • Materials development, new materials with unique properties are produced through process optimization and used in prototypes and serial production for all sectors, from engineering industries, outdoor, sports to medicine
  • Customized implants in areas such as orthopedics and craniomaxillo-facial surgery where the design and manufacturing is based on X-ray images.
  • Equipment and rehabilitation support for the special needs of disabled people.


Lars-Erik Rännar
Lab manager

Mikael Bäckström
Head of Sports Tech Research Centre