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Licentiate seminar, Johan Jason

Licentiate thesis: "Theory and Applications of Coupling Based Intensity Modulated Fibre-Optic Sensors"Listen
Date: Wednesday December 17th, 1.15 pm in room O111
Head supervisor: Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent: Dr Bernt Sundström.

Licentiate seminar, Tomas Unander

Licentiate thesis: "Characterization of Low Cost Printed Sensors for Smart Packaging"Listen
Date: Thursday December 11th, 1.15 pm in room O102
Head supervisor: Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent: Dr Mats Robertsson - Acreo AB

Dissertation seminar, Aron Larsson

Doctoral thesis: ”Essays on Theories and Applications of Decision Analysis in Imprecise Domains”
ListenDate: October 24, 1.15 pm, room O102
Head supervisor: 
Opponent: David Ríos Insua, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

Dissertation seminar, Roger Olsson

Doctoral thesis: ”Synthesis, Coding, and Evaluation of 3D Images Based on Integral Imaging”Listen
Date: June 12, 1.15 pm, room L111
Head supervisor: 
Opponent: Dr. -Ing. Aljoscha Smolic, Fraunhofer Institut für Nachrichtentechnik Heinrich -Hertz-Institut (HHI), Berlin, Tyskland.

Dissertation seminar, Jon Alfredsson

Doctoral thesis: ”Limitations of Subthreshold Digital Floating-Gate Circuits in Present and Future Nanoscale CMOS Technologies”Listen
Date: Thursday May 29, 1.15 pm, room O102
Head supervisor: Prof. Bengt Oelmann
Opponent is Dr. Markku Åberg - VTT

Dissertation seminar, Magnus Engholm

Doctoral thesis: ”Materials Optimization for Optical Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers” Listen
Date: Thursday May 22, 1.15 pm, room L111
Head supervisor: Dr. Lars Norin
Opponent is Dr. Johannes Kirchhof - IPHT Jena

Dissertation seminar, Henrik Andersson

Doctoral thesis: ”Position Sensitive Detectors - Device Technology and Applications in Spectroscopy"
ListenDate: Thursday May 15, 1.15 pm, room O102
Head supervisor is Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson
Opponent is Prof. Jan Linnros - KTH

Licentiate seminar, Niklas Lepistö

Licentiate thesis: "FPGA based architectures for embedded video systems"Listen
Date: Wednesday February 6th, 1.15 pm in room O111
Head supervisor: Prof. Mattias O'Nils
Opponent: Dr Peter Nilsson - Lund University

Licentiate seminar, Ulf Jennehag

Licentiate thesis: ”Bandwidth Efficient IPTV Distribution - On Error Resilience and Fast Channel Change”
ListenDate: January, 17, 1.15 pm in room L111
Head supervisor: