The IoT professionals’ project will provide advance level courses to working professionals within the technology area IoT. This in order for both the individuals and the companies they work for to strengthen their competitiveness.


In particular, these courses will be flexible and adapted to fit the needs of the partner companies as well as the course participants work conditions and personal situation.


IoT professionals (IProf) is a graduate professional development project (KK expertkompetens) and the project’s main goal is to advance knowledge of industrial professionals within the technology areas IoT, security, artificial intelligence, distributed communication, and blockchains. The project will provide advance level courses to working professionals, which will meet both current and future competence needs of the industry. The ambition is to contribute to the industrial transformation using these new technologies to increase innovation, digitalization and strengthen the competitiveness of both the companies and the course participants. By together forming and creating specialized advanced level courses for working professionals, we will provide means for them to achieve a master’s degree without being a full time student.

Partner companies

The partner companies that will be a part of the project from the start are SSG, CGI, Dewire, Försäkringskassan, and Biometria (former SDC). We will begin the project by analyzing their needs for competence development and how to adapt the courses to their employees. With the ambition to interview and analyze more companies as the project progresses. The courses are however open for anyone, not only the employees of the partner companies.

The courses

All courses will be on advanced level, in a flexible format, distance oriented, free of charge, and award ECTS credits. The course are open for anyone but the entry requirements can vary depending on the course, but generally you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or equivalent course credits to be admitted into the course. The courses will primarily be in the following areas related to the IoT area:

  • Internet of Things systems and cyber physical systems
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis
  • IoT protocols, distributed communication, and blockchains
  • Security and privacy in the IoT domain

But the specific courses are subject to change after investigating both the partner companies and working professional’s needs.

All courses are on advanced level, in a flexible format, distance oriented, and free of charge. All courses will be available for enrollment on


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