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Computer engineering covers techniques, theories and methodological aspects for the structure, function and applications of computers, including both hardware and software. The subject Computer engineering for third cycle education (PhD education) at Mid Sweden University consists of three specializations, Communication Networks, Data Analysis and Multidimensional Signal Processing.

Communication Networks

This part of the subject covers techniques, theories and methodological aspects for communication networks, distributed systems, especially communication over wireless links and networks, as well as implementation aspects of the technology used in such links and networks. Central concepts are protocols, resource allocation, routing, access technology, interference management, dimensioning, network protocols, network security, intermediate software and issues related to connected and communicating devices on a large scale.

Data Analysis

This part of the subject covers techniques, theories and methodological aspects for data analysis, especially algorithms and applications for data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, analysis of streaming data and images, and distributed data analysis.

Multidimensional Signal Processing

This part of the subject covers techniques, theories and methodological aspects for capturing, modelling, processing, coding and visualizing signals, especially those that can be interpreted with human perception. Central concepts are interacting signals and systems.

Ongoing Research Projects

AI Competence

The project will increase knowledge, recruit and build competence in Artificial Intelligence in Västernorrland and Jämtland / Härjedalen through targeted recruitment efforts to Mid Sweden Universit...


This project focus is to reinforce and renew the competence in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics.

NIIT - Next Generation Industrial IoT

NIIT is a new research action at Mid Sweden University. The industrial focus is the next generation IoT technology and methods supporting the transformation of the process industries. The research ...

PLENOPTIMA – Plenoptic Imaging

Plenoptima is European collaboration with researchers and partner organisations in an innovative training network. The aim is to develop a cross-disciplinary approach to plenoptic imaging.

VRoom – Virtual reality as a door opener

Virtual reality (VR) can create the opportunity to take part in experiences outside of what is possible in physical reality. The world's highest roller coaster can be experienced without a trip to...