Craft beer and local community development (CraBloom)

The purpose of the project is to develop unique knowledge about the importance of microbreweries for community development in the sparsely populated areas in Tröndelag and Jämtland County's, and further what role these small breweries have as identity creators and enablers for local development.

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Mid Sweden University in Sweden and the North University in Norway participate in the joint project “Microbreweries as creators of opportunities in the local community (CraBloom)” on the role of microbreweries in local development.

Through relationships and knowledge development about the microbrewery industry, the goal is to establish a long-term cross-border research collaboration between the two universities on the role and importance of microbreweries for local development in rural areas, and further to mobilize partners for a more comprehensive project on microbreweries and local development.



  • Pathways for urban and rural craft beer enterprises enabling local place development – exploring the Scandinavian context (paper submitted to international journal)

Conference papers:

  • Craft breweries and the Corona crisis – a Scandinavian case study (submitted to RENT2021)
  • Pathways to growth on a highly competitive craft beer market (submitted to RENT2021)
  • Brew to live – or live to brew? Motivations and ambitions among Scandinavian craft beer entrepreneurs (submitted to RENT2021)


Project period


Project leader

Project members

Lovisa Högberg

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Cecilia Dalborg

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Daniel Laven

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Anne Wally Ryan

Anne Wally Ryan

Robert Bye

Robert Bye

Eivind Junker

Eivind Junker


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