Wilhelm Skoglund


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I am working on the development of a new international Masters program titled "Sustainable Food City Design" in conjunction with the City of Östersund's membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.


Articles in journals

Dalborg, C. , Skoglund, W. , Wally Ryan, A. , Högberg, L. , Junker, E. , Rennemo, Ø. & von Friedrichs, Y. (2023). Craft breweries and local place development – Perspectives from a Scandinavian context. Local Economy, vol. 38: 2, pp. 155-176.  

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Chapters in books

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Conference papers

Skoglund, W. & Rennemo, Ø. (2022). Craft Breweries and the Corona Crisis–Exploring the Scandinavian Context. In Lect. Notes Networks Syst... pp. 246--256.  

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Conference proceedings (editor)

Laven, D. (ed.) & Skoglund, W. (ed.) (2016). Valuing and Evaluating Creativity for Sustainable Development. Östersund : Mid Sweden University    


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