Digestible and strong waste bag for food

The aim of this pre-study is to carry out an evaluation of a new type of waste bag, digestible and sustainable.


The collaboration project is related to a Vinnova research project where the collaboration project aims to verify through practical tests the hypothesis "Food waste bag with high wet strength can be made from pulps with high wood yields by using wood's native lignin as a wet strength agent and that the bag is useful, functional and degradable".

Mitthem's role is to practically test this new bag among those who use the waste bags in one or more stairwells at Mitthem. This is done in collaboration with the project Sustainable together.

The project is co-financed with support from the collaboration agreement for the municipality of Sundsvall.

Participants from the municipality
Nina Staaf, Mitthem, e-mail nina.staaf@mitthem.se, phone 072-148 02 48.


Project period



Research centers

Municipal cooperation

Project members

Per Engstrand




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