Possibilities and limitations in School Age Educare Centres physical learning environment

School Age Educare Centres [SAEC] are included in the Swedish Educational System and are predominantly locally integrated within the school. The purpose of the project is to investigate possibilities and limitations for teaching and learning in the physical learning environment of the SAEC:s.

Barn spelar labyrintspel på fritids

The project is a dissertation project consisting of four studies and an overall analysis. The first three studies are exploratory and based on practice in SAECs with different physical learning environments. These studies examine, through interviews and observations, how students and staff describe the opportunities and limitations that the physical learning environment offers for teaching and learning. The fourth study is a survey, developed on the basis of the results of the initial three studies. The project is limited to the indoor premises and interiors that the SAECs have access to, ie also school premises such as sports halls and classrooms.

The dissertation's contribution is knowledge and insights for the benefit of teachers, students, guardians, school leaders, principals, schools and politicians.


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Christina Grewell

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

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