Development and evalutation of internet-based methods for assessment and treatment of mental ill-health among refugees. A research collaboration with LiU and KI.

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The research group AMIR at the Mid Sweden University is in collaboration with researchers at Linköping university and Karolinska Instititute conducting an extensive research project funded by Vetenskapsrådet. The objection is to develop methods for internet-based assessment and treatment of mental ill-health among refugees in Sweden.

The project includes creating, translating and culturally adapting material for both assessment and treatment. Both quantitative and qualitative studies are planned within the project.

I AM SAHA - Internet based assessment of mental health

The research group at Mid Sweden University is responsible for developing and evaluating an internet-based stepwise assessment procedure designed to capture occurrence and severity of psychological symptoms among refugees. The assessment procedure can then be used together with the internet-based treatment created in the project, with other iCBT-interventions or as a free standing module within regular health care.

Link to the screening you chan choose language: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, English and Swedish.

The project is funded by Vetenskapsrådet.


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