The project will increase the applicability and understanding of selective microstructure in additive manufacturing (AM). With the controlled environment offered by Electron Beam Melting technology, it is possible to control the properties of the final component already during manufacturing.



We call this 4d printing because the mechanical properties can be controlled within 3d-printed objects. This can, among other things, be used to manufacture components where there is a need to combine hardness with ductility. This is utilized in traditional manufacturing methods for, for example, gears where the surface layer can be heat treated to give a harder abrasion surface.

The hope with SELEKT AM is that similar properties can be controlled within components and not just near its surface. The additive group at the Sports Tech Research Center has already shown that it is possible to successfully control the microstructure of the manufactured material. The challenge will be to develop repeatable methods that result in homogeneous components.


Confirm the applicability of the technology by developing a demonstrator where the material properties are varied when a stable method is developed. It also includes exploring possible resolution and planning for future extension of the project.


The project is funded by the Rolf and Gunilla Enström Foundation for Research and Development.

Project leader

Carlos Botero

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

010-142 87 61

William Sjöström

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

010-142 84 99