A new research profile will enable new markets for fiber products from the forest and help the forest industry to broaden the use of fiber-based materials with resource-efficient processes. The unique approach of NeoPulp is to use IA and machine learning methodology in the research. 

New perspectives on the development of fiber properties

Heterogeneity is one of the fundamental scientific and technological challenges of all bio-based materials. The research area of NeoPulp is pulping and papermaking processes. We plan to study the heterogeneity between fibres that affects both process performance and the properties of current and new fibre-based materials. This is a largely unexplored research area where the challenge lies in the complexity of studying property distributions instead of mean values. We want to turn this to our advantage and develop data-driven methodology in order to find out how different fibres react to local process conditions. With this, NeoPulp will introduce a completely new perspective to process research and development, both in academia and in industry at large. NeoPulp will help the industry to broaden the usability of fibre-based materials, reduce the footprint of production, and attract R&D personnel, all of which are required for bioeconomy and a more sustainable world.

NeoPulp has a uniquely good starting point in the research we have done on mechanical pulping, property distributions of mechanical pulp fibres and earlier on stochastic fibre networks. New digital methods for the analysis, simulation and visualisation of particle systems are a crucial enabler of NeoPulp. Our research team has good expertise in these methods and we see good opportunities for international cross-disciplinary networks that further enhance our competence.

Industry has been strongly involved and committed to the development of a new process research agenda at Mid Sweden University. Part of the reason for this engagement must lie in the good results of the close co-production between our researchers and industry personnel in previous projects. 

The goal is to enable production of new environmentally friendly materials at a competitive prize with a smaller foot print of the production.


Starting Projects in NeoPulp 2021

1. Distribution analysis for heterogeneity in delignification and LC refining

2. Fibre deformations caused by network compression