Electrical Engineering

Ongoing Research Projects

Competence supply through lifelong learning

The industry’s need for professional engineers with advanced IT skills is great. In this project, a model for work-integrated learning will be developed to meet the need and strengthen the students...

DIGIT − Sustainable Digital Transformation

The projects overall objective is that companies in the region can use the opportunities that AI, IoT and data-driven development bring to strengthen competitiveness and develop sustainable product...

Micro X-ray

Development of improved CTMP with even sulfonate distribution at fiber level using new XRF analysis.


A new XRF analysis develops high yield pulp with even sulfonate distribution at fiber level for improved renewable packaging.

Smart Industry Sweden

Within Smart Industry Sweden, five Swedish universities are gathering cutting-edge expertise in the field of smart industry. The graduate school wants to create a cohesive group of industrial...

Employees at the subject electrical engineering

Johanna Åström

Lärare |Member of academic staff

Sobhi Barg

Lektor, biträdande|Lektor, biträdande

+46 (0)10-1427991

Viktor Döhlen

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

Lotta Frisk

Fakultetshandläggare|Faculty Administrative Officer

+46 (0)10-1428112

Rikard Hamrin

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

+46 (0)10-1428159

Ralf Hendrik Menk

Adjungerad Professor |Visiting professor

Axel Jantsch

Professor, Gäst|Visiting Professor

Adam Lundström

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

Michele Magno

Professor, Gäst|Visiting Professor

Gerhard P. Hancke Jr

Professor, Gäst|Visiting Professor

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