Welcome to the pages about the research conducted at Mid Sweden University. 


The 2018 general election – what are the most important things to know?

On 9 September this autumn the polling stations will open their doors and Swedes will vote in the Riksdag and municipal elections. Before this, we can expec...

Nödkit för hemmet

Social Inequalities in Disaster Preparedness Communication

The way authorities communicate societal risks and crises reveals a vulnerable and unequal society. This is part of the findings of an international study...

Hållbart byggande

How Sweden’s housing policy can contribute to social sustainability

“Housing policy is a serious issue, and any party wishing to be seen as serious needs to be able to say that this is something it takes seriously.” So...

Materialprovningslabb, Sports Tech Research Centre

The lab that tests anything from tents to quilted jackets

At the Sports Tech Research Centre's Materials Testing Lab companies can come and test their products. Gneis, who specialise in outdoor wear for children,...


Odours as a weapon against damage to forests

Is it possible to communicate with a 5 mm long creature by means of odour? Is it possible to make elks eat only a certain part of young pine trees? If you...


New research identifies widespread sexism in the tourism sector

Employees in the tourism sector are often young, immigrants and women. And they are subjected to more sexism than workers in many other industries....