Sebastian Bader

Theme: Sustainable development

Joining forces to form the new sustainable city

Sundsvall will be Sweden’s new smart city, thanks to a unique partnership between Mid Sweden University and Sundsvall Municipality. A series of new online products are to be produced and a testing network is being developed in the city, with the aim of streamlining various societal functions. Read more about the project.


Tourism and cultural heritage are used to build peace

How can tourism and heritage support peace-building efforts? Daniel Laven, Associate Professor in Human Geography and senior lecturer at ETOUR, asked himse...


In the wake of climate change

How are house-owners affected when the number of storms and floods increases? How much responsibility can be put on insurance policy holders and what will...

3d-print Sports tech

3D-printing for the future

Ten years ago, Mid Sweden University acquired a 3D-printer for SEK 7 million. It provided researchers with unique opportunities and an advantage over the...


Paper replacing plastic

A unique manufacturing method for reinforcing paper packaging could mea new opportunities for the forestry industry. Researchers at Mid Sweden...

Storslagna fjäll

Issues of mountain landscape conservation and development continue to be important

“The Swedish mountains are not a landscape of wilderness - humans have left their mark and people still use the landscape in various ways”, says...


New research identifies widespread sexism in the tourism sector

Employees in the tourism sector are often young, immigrants and women. And they are subjected to more sexism than workers in many other industries....