Computer Engineering MA, Datamining and Machine Learning, 6 hp

The student should develop a basic understanding of current machine learning techniques for mining large quantities of data. The student should develop skills in finding interesting patterns and building prediction models by explorative data analysis using data analysis tools based on R or Python, and preparing input, interpreting output and critically evaluating results. The student should show an ability to apply the skills in a small project in an real-world business or engineering application area such as big data visualization, business intelligence

analysis, decision support systems, text/web/sensor/geo data mining, context aware applications, intelligent agents or cognitive radio.

Spring semester 2025

Campus, Sundsvall
  • Start: Spring semester 2025
  • Study period: Week 4 - 12
  • Study form: Campus
  • Study pace: 50%
  • Campus: Sundsvall
  • Language: English
  • Code: MIU-D2X80

Entry requirements

120 credits completed courses including the following:

Computer Engineering BA (AB) including Databases, modeling and implementation, 6 credits and a course on computer programmering, 6 credits.
Mathematics BA (A), 30 credits, including Mathematical Statistics, 6 credits.


Questions about the programme

Questions about the programme

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