Admission - applying for international programmes

When does the semester begin?

What international programmes do you offer?

Mid Sweden University offers one International Bachelor's programme and ten International Master´s programmes (including one research-based programme: Master by Research). All taught entirely in English.

More information can be found here.

When can I apply?

Students who want to apply for international programmes at Mid Sweden University apply through

For  more information regarding admission for our international programmes starting the coming semester, please visit  Key Dates for EU/EEA citizens or Key Dates for non-EU/EEA citizens.

How do I apply?

International students, who are not connected to one of Mid Sweden University’s partner universities, are welcome to apply to our International Programmes.

The application is submitted at website is a central application system for all Swedish universities, including Mid Sweden University.

More information about the application procedure

When will I get my Letter of Admission?

The Notification of Selection Results can be printed from your user account at If you need a paper copy your Notification of Selection Results is available as a PDF on “Your pages" and serves as an official Letter of Admission to Mid Sweden University and can be sent to the Swedish Migration Board and other Embassies around the world.

What kind of language skills do I need?

Applicants must prove that they are proficient in the English language. A high standard of spoken and written English is required. Language proficiency may be attested by scores on international English tests.

For English-language programmes, documentary evidence of proficiency in English, such as TOEFL and IELTS certificates, must be provided.

I am interested in PhD studies, where can I find more information?

Different teacher- and PhD positions, staff vacancies is advertised on Mid Sweden University’s website for Staff Vacancies. Please visit that website for more information regarding PhD positions.

Admission - applying for exchange studies

When does the semester begin?

Autumn semester 2016

Start: 29 August, 2016
End: 15 January, 2017
Note: that the Introduction days (registration) starts the week before.

Spring semester 2017

Start: 16 January, 2017
End: 4 June, 2017
Note: that the Introduction days (registration) starts the week before.

Autumn semester 2017

Start: 4 September, 2017
End: 21 January, 2018
Note: that the Introduction days (registration) starts the week before.

How do I apply for exchange studies?

If your university has an exchange agreement with Mid Sweden University, you are welcome to apply as an exchange student. The admission of exchange students is granted to qualified students recommended by their home institution. Further information regarding the application procedure for Exchange Studies can be found here.

When can I apply?

Studies Autumn term (one or two semesters)

Online application open in February
Application deadline is in May

Studies Spring term (one semester)

Online application opens in September
Application deadline is in November

For exact dates please check the Application Procedure webpage.

What courses are offered for exchange students?

Exchange students are offered courses and programmes at Bachelor and Master level in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology and Natural Sciences, Teacher Training and Health Sciences.

More information about application for exchange studies and courses

What things should I consider when applying for courses?

Apply for courses offered at one campus only!

Please note that the campuses are located 200 km apart. Therefore, students should select courses at one campus only.

Apply for courses that start at different times during the semester!

When applying for courses, it is important to choose courses that start at different times during the semester so that the student do not end up with four courses that run at the same time.

Courses are usually taken one after the other (consecutive scheduling) or, if the courses are part time, two courses may be taken during the same time period. The courses are scheduled by week numbers. The autumn semester 2016 begins with week 35 (first week of September) and ends week 2 (second week of January). The spring 2017 semester begins with week 3 and ends week 22 (first week of June).

Choose courses wisley

When applying for courses please keep in mind that it may not be possible to change the courses after the confirmation of enrolment has been sent out. It is therefore important to choose courses wisley.

When will I receive my Confirmation of enrolment?

Mid Sweden University will send a confirmation of enrolment by mail, approximately one month after closure of the application deadline, to admitted exchange students.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Do I need to pay tuition fees for studies at Mid Sweden University?

Education in Sweden is free for Swedish citizens, as well as students with citizenship in a EU or EEA (Switzerland) country.

Citizens from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland are required to pay tuition fees. More information can be found here. 

Students coming to Sweden as part of an exchange agreement – whether from within or outside of the EU/EEA/Switzerland – are exempted from fees.

How much are tuition fees at Mid Sweden University?

The tuition fees for international Master´s Programmes at Mid Sweden University range from SEK 70,000-380,000 per academic year.

When do I pay my tuition fee?

The tuition fee must be paid one semester at a time, prior to the start of each semester. Admission to Mid Sweden University is conditional until tuition has been paid in full.

If you are a new student about to start your first semester at Mid Sweden University you will be able to pay your tuition fees after the Second Notification of Selection Result has been published at For autumn semester 2016 the invoice will be sent in the first or second week of May.

How do I pay my tuition fee?

It is important that students reply to their offer on their Notification of Selection Results at When students have accepted their offer they will receive an e-mail from Mid Sweden University containing a invoice and information on how to pay the first instalment of tuition fees.

Students will be able to pay their tuition fee with:

  • Payment by bank transfer 

What is included in the tuition fee for the International Programmes?

For students admitted to a Master Programme at Mid Sweden University, the fee normally covers 30 credits per semester. Students have access to campus facilities like computer labs and library. The fee also includes study related services such as Study and Career Counseling, Student Health Centre, Disability services and other Study administration.

What is excluded from the tuition fee?

The tuition fee does not include accommodation costs, course literature and living expenses. The Swedish Migration Board estimates the cost of living in Sweden for a student to be SEK 7,974/month. For more information regarding cost of living in Sweden, please visit Study in Sweden and the Migration Agency (under the heading "You must be able to support yourself").  

Are there any scholarships available?

The Mid Sweden University Tuition fee Scholarship is targeted at top academic students from countries outside the EU/EEA (and Switzerland). 

Students from these countries have also the possibility to apply for the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship. More information about scholarhips.

Visa and Residence Permit

Do I need a visa?

Nationals in the majority of countries outside the EU requires a Visa to visit Sweden. Please turn to The Swedish Migration Agency for further information. Contact information can be found at

Where can I apply for a Residence Permit?

Students can apply for permission to study (residence permit) from within Sweden via the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) or at the nearest Swedish Embassy or consulate in your home country before leaving. This is usually a rather time-consuming matter so please apply immediately after receiving the insurance certificate and having paid the tuition fee.

When can I apply for a Visa/Residence permit?

You may apply for a visa/residence permit as soon as you received an offer of admission from Mid Sweden University and have paid the tuition fee. In order to get a decision as quickly as possible, you should apply online and submit all required documents.

Note that you cannot obtain a residence permit before the first installment of the tuition payment has been made to Mid Sweden University.

What documents do I need to submit with my visa application?

Mid Sweden University is not involved in the processing of residence permit applications and, therefore, cannot answer any questions regarding this process. More information about visa and residence permits are available at or by calling the Swedish Migration Agency Central Office, phone: + 46 (0)771 235 235.

Do I need to send an receipt of my paid tuition fee to the Migration Board ?

Mid Sweden University will notify the Swedish Migration Agency when the tuition fee has been paid in full. You do not need to hand in a receipt to the Swedish Migration Agency.

I need to submit a document showing I have a comprehensive health insurance. Am I insured through the university ?

Students paying tuition fees at Mid Sweden University are covered by the comprehensive insurance FAS+ issued by Kammarkollegiet. When Mid Sweden University receives the tuition fee payment, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the student along with the insurance certificate.


Where can I find information about student accommodation?

Mid Sweden University cooperates with housing companies in Sundsvall and Östersund, who are the distributor of student housing. The university can help students find information about suitable accommodation and contact details for the different housing companies available. Information regarding student housing can be found here.

How can I apply and book accommodation?

As an admitted student at Mid Sweden University, you can book a room by contacting the housing company of your choice. There are two ways to book accommodation, either by e-mail or by filling out an online application form. It depends on the procedure of the housing company.

Please note, it is not until you have received your letter of admission that your application for housing will be processed.

More information about accommodation.

I have not yet received a response from the Housing Company I contacted, why?

It can be many different reasons why you have not received an answer.

Many students are looking for housing before the start of each semester. The Housing Companies will process the applications in the order they are submitted, this means that it can take a week or two before you receive a response from the Housing Company you contacted.

Note that if you send an e-mail or the application form and get a “deliver failure message” back to the e-mail address you entered in the e-mail/application form it means that your application did not go through.

I will arrive after business hours, how can I collect the keys to my accommodation?

We recommend students to arrive within business hours, but we understand that this is not always possible. If you arrive after business hours you will not be able to pick up the keys to your accommodation at the Housing Company.

If you cannot access your accommodation on the day of your arrival you can always book a room at a Hostel or Hotel. International Office can recommend students where to book a first night.

The Student Unions can collect keys in advance for students who have ordered the Pick-up service by the deadline. However, it depends on the procedure of the Housing Company. At some companies, it is not possible to collect keys in advance. For more information, please contact the International Office.

I will arrive before I get access to my student accommodation, where can I stay?

If your accommodation, for some reason, is not available on the day of your arrival you can always book a room at the local Youth Hostel. For more information regarding youth hostels or hotels please contact our International Office for guidance.

Academic life

Which universities are accredited universities in Sweden?

Information about accreditation of universities and university colleges can be found on the Swedish National Agency for Higher Educations website.

What kind of degree do I get after completing a Bachelor’s Programme?

On completing your Bachelor’s Programme, which normally takes three years, you may apply for a Kandidatexamen, which is translated into Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in your major subject.

What kind of degree do I get after completing a Master’s Programme?

On completing your Master’s Programme, which usually takes two years, you may apply for a Masterexamen, which is translated into Master of Science (120 credits) or Master of Arts (120 credits) in your major subject.

What educational methods are used in degree programmes?

The culture at Swedish higher education institutions is informal, creative and student-centered. Much work is left to the student’s own initiative. Such a system, with its lack of rigid scheduling, is often demanding. It encourages students to develop a critical attitude and an independent approach — two highly sought-after attributes in today’s knowledge-based employment market.

When does the academic year start?

The academic year consists of two semesters, each lasting 20 weeks. The autumn semester usually runs from the beginning of September to mid-January and the spring semester from mid-January to the beginning of June. There is usually a two-week break in teaching at Christmas.

Please note that the Christmas break may vary between the departments and it is therefore important that you contact the international coordinator at the department for detailed information.

What grading system does Mid Sweden University have?

From the autumn semester of 2007, Mid Sweden University applies a grading scale of seven levels, A–F, in most of the courses. Each course is defined in terms of the expected results and abilities (‘intended learning outcomes’) which the student should have achieved at the end of the course. This describes the knowledge each student is expected to possess at the end of the course in order to pass it. The grades A-E are used to indicate how well the student has done in regards to the ‘intended learning outcome’. Please note that sometimes, different grading criteria apply for a certain course. The grading scale is always specified in the course syllabus.

A   Excellent

B   Very Good  

C   Good

D   Satisfactory

E   Sufficient

Fx Insufficient

F   Insufficient

How many credits are needed to study full-time?

A normal workload is 30 higher education credits per semester and 60 higher education credits per academic year. The number of credits assigned by Mid Sweden University corresponds to The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). In general, one week of full-time study is equivalent to 1.5 credit points. Full-time means a workload of forty hours per week. However, much of this time is non-scheduled self-study.

What are the names of the Departments at Mid Sweden University?

The university has a decentralized structure with two faculties. Education and research are carried out in 20 departments.


Faculty of Human Sciences

Department of...

  • Business, Economics and Law

  • Humanities

  • Health Sciences

  • Nursing Sciences

  • Psychology

  • Social Sciences

  • Social Work

  • Tourism Studies and Geography

  • Education


Faculty of Science, Technology and Media

Department of...

  • Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering

  • Computer and System Science

  • Electronics Design

  • Industrial Design

  • Information and Communication Systems

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Quality Technology and Management, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics

  • Media and Communication Science

  • Natural Sciences

  • Science Education and Mathematics

  • Archives and Computer Science

Can I receive a schedule for all the courses I am studying when I start my semester?

Students will recieve a schedule approximately two days before each course starts.

What help can students with disabilities recieve?

If you have functional disabilities so that you need help with your studies, you have the right to additional support. At Mid Sweden University we have coordinators, who will help you with such arrangements. Contact the coordinator well ahead of time, already before the period of notification has expired.

How do I register for written exams?

To register for an exam please visit the Student Portal.

Log in to the Student Portal, choose Exam from the left menu and click on register for exam.

Where can I find the examination rules for written exams at Miun?

Mid Sweden University has examination rules and they can be found under Examination.

Can exams be scheduled on a saturday?

Yes, written exams can be scheduled on a weekend (saturday), but it is uncommen and it is mostly re--exams that may be scheduled on a saturday.

Student life

How much is the cost of living for a student?

We estimate that you need a minimum of SEK 8,000 per month to live in Sweden as a student. Non-EU students must prove to the Swedish Migration Board that they can support themselves with a minimum of SEK 7,974 per month for the time of their stay.

Where can I find a Campus Map?

The Map of Campus Sundsvall and Östersund can be found here.

Where can I find a map of my campus city?

Here you can find a city map of:

What is a Student Union?

On every campus within Mid Sweden University, there is a student union that looks after your interests as they concern your education and questions related to the social aspects of student life.

For more information about the Student Unions.

What leisure activities are available at Mid Sweden University?

Each campus at Mid Sweden University has its own Student Union “Studentkåren”. The main task of the Student Union is to support students academically and socially throughout their studies. Facilities and services include cafeterias, pubs, study rooms, rooms for parties, sport activities, health and student centres.

In addition to the leisure activities provided by the Student Union each campus town has sports centres, swimming pools, ski slopes, cross-country tracks, and a number of sports clubs, teams and evening courses. Check out the tourist information websites in your city for more information about fun things to do in your city!

Can I have a part-time job for my daily expenses, while I study at Mid Sweden University?

Getting a part-time job as a student can be quite hard, especially when you do not speak Swedish. With this in mind and since you will study full time, we do not advise you to try to finance your stay in Sweden by working.

For information regarding working in Sweden please visit Study in Sweden.

Practical information

How far is it between the Campuses at Mid Sweden University?

Sundsvall is located on the coast about 400 kilometres north of Stockholm. Östersund is situated about 550 kilometres north of Stockholm, about 200 kilometres northwest of Sundsvall.

What is the climate like in Sweden, what clothes should I bring?

It is very important to know a few things about the weather in Sweden, because it is a bit special.  Sweden is a country with four distinct seasons. Spring runs from April to May, summer from June to August, fall from September to October and winter from November to March.

The temperature can vary from minus 20 degrees Celsius in the winter to about plus 25 degrees Celsius in the summer. In the area where Mid Sweden University is located there is always snow in the winter, so remember to bring warm clothes (e.g. gloves, a hat and warm shoes). 

What does "personnummer" mean?

All Swedish citizens have a so-called 'personnummer', a social security number. At Mid Sweden University, we will provide you with a temporary number, which is ONLY valid within the walls of the university. The official number can be obtained if you register yourself as a resident in your respective municipality. Registering yourself as a resident is usually done when you intend to stay one year or longer.

If you want to get a Swedish ‘personnummer’, please contact the Local Swedish Tax Administration ‘Skatteverket’ in your campus town. Visit or contact them.

What kind of health insurance do I need?

In Sweden, medical treatment is very expensive without any form of insurance. Mid Sweden University advice you to check your medical coverage well before travelling to Sweden.

Depending on your citizenship status (if you are a citizen from the Nordic, EU/EEA countries or Switzerland or not) will determine what medical coverage you need as a student in Sweden.

The duration of studies also affect the regulations that applies for medical coverage. For more information regarding medical insurance, please visit StudyinSweden.

Information regarding insurance coverage at Mid Sweden Univeristy.

I am looking for a job, who should I contact?

If you are looking for a job in Sweden, we recommend you to contact the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).