Anna Mårtensson

Lärare |Member of academic staff

  • Professional title: Member of academic staff
  • Academic title: Forskarstuderande
  • Other title: Quality Management
  • Department: Department of Quality Management and Mechanical Engineering (KMT)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428585
  • Email:
  • Visitor address: Akademigatan 1, 831 40 Östersund
  • Room number: Q105c
  • Location: Östersund
  • Employee in the subject: Quality Management, Quality Technology and Management



Have a professional background in the quality field with the focus on quality management where I have experience in manufacturing, service production and municipal operations.

Area of interest

Precence of values in organisations that have started to implement Lean and how Lean interlink to sustainability.


PhD student

Teaching and tutoring

Teaches in the subjects Quality Technology and Quality Management at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Other information

Also works with commissioned education. You can find me at campus Ostersund house Q room 105B.

Research projects


Quality in preschools


Articles in journals

Mårtensson, A. , Ingelsson, P. & Bäckström, I. (2020). Co-creation as a success factor in the development of constructive customer-focused dialogues. Quality Innovation Prosperity, vol. 24: 2, pp. 153-169.    

Carnerud, D. , Mårtensson, A. , Ahlin, K. & Persson Slumpi, T. (2020). On the inclusion of sustainability and digitalisation in quality management–an overview from past to present. Total quality management and business excellence (Online),    

Mårtensson, A. , Snyder, K. & Ingelsson, P. (2019). Interlinking Lean and Sustainability : How ready are leaders?. The TQM Journal, vol. 31: 2, pp. 136-149.  

Ingelsson, P. & Mårtensson, A. (2014). Measuring the importance and practices of Lean values. The TQM Journal, vol. 26: 5, pp. 463-474.  

Conference papers

Mårtensson, A. (2020). Students' learning about social sustainability by exploring customer values. Paper presented at the The 2nd international Education With Sustainability Conference, Östersund, 13 August, 2020

Mårtensson, A. , Ingelsson, P. & Bäckström, I. (2019). Co-creation - making it happen. In 22nd QMOD conference : ON QUALITY AND SERVICE SCIENCES ICQSS 2019, 13-15 OCTOBER.

Mårtensson, A. & Ingelsson, P. (2018). Measuring Sustainability through values : Developing and Testing of Statements in a Questionnaire. In 21st QMOD-ICQSS Conference.. pp. 1065--1072.

Mårtensson, A. , Ingelsson, P. & Öberg, L. (2014). Can Lean values contribute to Sustainable Development. In 17th Qmod-ICQSS : Part 2: INDEX and FULLPAPERS.  

Mårtensson, A. & Ingelsson, P. (2013). Managers basic assumptions when applying Lean. In 16th QMOD-ICQSS Proceedings : Quality Management and Organizational Development Conference [being] International Conference Quality and Service Sciences.. pp. 1206--1215.  

Licentiate theses, comprehensive summaries

Mårtensson, A. (2017). Insights in Lean values: Exploring links to sustainable development. Lic. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2017 (Mid Sweden University licentiate thesis : 135)  


Bäckström, I. , Ingelsson, P. & Mårtensson, A. (2019). Slutrapport ”Resultatstyrning för medborgarnytta” : Ett samverkansprojekt mellan Sundsvalls kommun och Kvalitetsteknik vid Mittuniversitetet. Mid Sweden University  

Bäckström, I. , Ingelsson, P. , Löfstedt, U. , Mårtensson, A. & Öberg, L. (2014). Projekt Kundanpassad teknikinformation – KATI : Kvalitetsarbete inom teknikinformation – Goda exempel och utvecklingsbehov.  

Ahlin, K. , Bäckström, I. , Ingelsson, P. , Löfstedt, U. , Mårtensson, A. , Åslund, A. & Öberg, L. (2014). Projekt Kundanpassad teknikinformation – KATI : Slutrapport – med fokus på förslag på arbetssätt och metoder.  

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