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Carlos Botero

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

  • Professional title: Senior Lecturer
  • Department: Department of Quality Management and Mechanical Engineering (KMT)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428761
  • Email:
  • Location: Östersund
  • Research centers: Sports Tech Research Centre


Articles in journals

Molavitabrizi, D. , Bengtsson, R. , Botero, C. , Rännar, L. & Mahmoud Mousavi, S. (2022). Damage-induced failure analysis of additively manufactured lattice materials under uniaxial and multiaxial tension. International Journal of Solids and Structures, vol. 252  

Botero, C. A. , Şelte, A. , Ramsperger, M. , Maistro, G. , Koptyug, A. , Bäckström, M. , Sjöström, W. & Rännar, L. (2021). Microstructural and mechanical evaluation of a cr-mo-v cold-work tool steel produced via electron beam melting (Ebm). Materials, vol. 14: 11  

Botero Vega, C. A. , Ramsperger, M. , Selte, A. , Åsvik, K. , Koptioug, A. , Skoglund, P. , Roos, S. , Rännar, L. & et al. (2020). Additive Manufacturing of a Cold-Work Tool Steel using Electron Beam Melting. Steel Research International, vol. 19: 5, pp. 1-6.  

Koptioug, A. , Popov, V. V. J. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Jiménez-Piqué, E. , Katz-Demyanetz, A. , Rännar, L. & Bäckström, M. (2020). Compositionally-tailored steel-based materials manufactured by electron beam melting using blended pre-alloyed powders. Materials Science & Engineering, vol. 771  

Roos, S. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Danvind, J. , Koptioug, A. & Rännar, L. (2019). Macro- and Micromechanical Behavior of 316LN Lattice Structures Manufactured by Electron Beam Melting. Journal of materials engineering and performance (Print), vol. 28: 12, pp. 7290-7301.    

Conference papers

Sjöström, W. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Rännar, L. & Sundström, L. (2022). Local microstructural tailoring of the Z-direction in Electron Beam Melting. Paper presented at the Swedish arena for additive manufacturing of metals, Åre, Sweden, January 13-14, 2022.

Koptyug, A. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Sjöström, W. , Bäckström, M. , Rännar, L. & Tremsin, A. (2021). Electron Beam Melting: from Shape Freedom to Materials Properties Control at Macro- and Microscale. In Proceedings of the THERMEC 2020, Graz, Austria.. pp. 755--759.  

Botero, C. , Bäckström, M. , Rännar, L. , Roos, S. , Koptyug, A. , Åsvik, K. , Şelte, A. & Ramsperger, M. (2019). Additive Manufacturing of a cold work steel using Electron Beam Melting. In Proceedings of Conference:  Tooling 2019.

Koptyug, A. , Botero, C. , Sjöström, W. , Jimenez-Pique, E. , Şelte, A. , Asvik, K. , Rännar, L. & Bäckström, M. (2019). Steel-based functionally gradient materials obtained via Electron Beam Melting. In Proc. Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium AAMS2019.

Rännar, L. , Botero, C. , Sjöström, W. , Melin, P. , Strandh, E. , Ledford, C. & Harrysson, O. (2019). Surface topography development of Electron beam-melted materials - a historical review. In Proceedings Euromat 2019. Stockholm :  

Koptioug, A. , Bäckström, M. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Popov, V. & Chudinova, E. (2018). Developing new materials for Electron Beam Melting : experiences and challenges. Paper presented at the THERMEC'2018 International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications, Paris, France July 8-13, 2018  

Botero, C. A. , Koptyug, A. , Jiménez-Piqué, E. & Rännar, L. (2018). Microstructure and nanomechanical behavior of modified 316L-based materials fabricated using EBM. Paper presented at the 2:nd International Conference on Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing, Nuremberg, Germany, April 11, 2018

Botero Vega, C. A. , Jiménez-Piqué, E. , Roos, S. , Skoglund, P. , Koptioug, A. , Rännar, L. & Bäckström, M. (2018). Nanoindentation: a suitable tool in metal Additive Manufacturing. Paper presented at the Materials Science & Technology, MS&T 2018, October 14-18, Columbus, USA

Skoglund, P. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Koptioug, A. , Rännar, L. & Bäckström, M. (2018). Possibility of the “cold start” of the build in Electron Beam Melting. Paper presented at the Materials Science & Technology, MS&T 2018, October 14-18, Columbus, USA

Koptioug, A. , Rännar, L. , Botero Vega, C. A. , Bäckström, M. & Popov, V. (2018). Unique material compositions obtained by Electron beam melting of blended powders. In Euro PM2018 Proceedings.

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